Bobbi Brown – Pretty Powerful

Bobbi Brown make up is my favorite because it blends well and works together to make a very natural look. I have used Bobbi Brown make up for about 5 years now and love the result.

Bobbi brown has a contest and I’d love for us to help this amazing friend of a friend.

Please watch this clip and vote:
Pretty Powerful

A note from my friend Jackie:
She has been in this competition for a week or so now to win a trip to NY and learn about make-up with Bobbi Brown. The only reason I am now asking for people to vote is because she is winning and people have commented that she is only winning because of her disability (she is in a wheelchair). She is seriously the most beautiful person inside and out, so that makes me sad that people would say that. So now she needs to win just simply because she is beautiful, and enough people know that!!!!!!!

Thank you! ;) (FYI – it takes like 2 seconds to vote, but you do have to be on Quota Time if you are here at work).

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