Bird Nerd: Gold Finch

Photo Credit : http://www.bigtimbercreek.org/Gold_Finch_web.jpg

You may not know that I am a total bird nerd. We have some pretty amazing birds in our back yard.

We found Gold Finch back on the feeder this week. It took us a few years to attract these little friends. They like to eat thistle. We buy ours at the grocery store or pet store. Here are Gold Finches in our yard:

They are fast little fliers and scare much easier than the house finch. You have to train your eye to watch for them.

If you’d like to learn more about Gold Finches you can read more here:
All about birds

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3 thoughts on “Bird Nerd: Gold Finch

  1. Wow you’re a Bird Nerd too!? My sis called me that a while back & was surprised I hadn’t heard it used before. . . Bird Nerds Rule

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