The Sound of Silence

I found an old friend of mine yesterday. Silence. It’s not usually found at my house and it was a nice reunion. It was a refreshing reminder to be still and listen to my thoughts.

Over the past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Ignite Your Spark conference sponsored by Illuminated Woman. Over the course of two days I was intellectually fed great advice and ideas. Each day I left feeling exhausted from all I had learned.

I was able to leave the conference a little early and snuck off to Barnes and Noble for a half hour to collect my thoughts before attending a family event. As I drove in silence the 20 minutes from the conference to B & N, I was flooded with thoughts and ideas.

When I reached the bookstore I found a quiet place and wrote down my impessions.

It was a powerful reminder to be still and that silence is necessary. Even if those moments are in the car driving.

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