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              Camelbak Relay  Stay Hydrated-Review   Camelbak Relay Fills 10x Faster I like the Camelbak Relay because it fills 10x faster than your regular water filter. It's nice to have filtered water ready to go. Now, don't mind the dishes in the sink as you watch this review. We're talking about real life application and it doesn't get more real than Read more

Knock knock. Knock. Pound pound. I never answer the door if I don't know who it is. Peek. Hard hat bobbing. Open door. "Ma'am, we've hit a valve in the main water line and need to turn your water off for 6-8 hours." Me, "Oh-kaay." As my mind rushes. What does that mean? How much water can we reserve and quick? "Thank you." Close door. Jump into action. Three things we need water for: 1. Drinking & making Read more