Creating Memories with Grandparents No Comments

Celebrate Grandparent's Day Spending time with grandparents is one of those things that is SUPER important in life. Getting a chance to make memories with grandparents is something kids will remember for a lifetime. In honor of grandparent’s day, this Sunday, I wanted to share how you can help your kids make memories with their grandparents. Create opportunities: Sometimes you just need to create opportunities for them. Read more

FREE PRINTABLE: Jelly Bean Color Matching Game No Comments

Gimbal's Fine Candies Gourmet Jelly Beans Raise your hand if your kids love candy! Mine do, there’s no doubt about that. However, it’s so hard to let candy in the house with so many different potential allergies. Thanks to Gimbal’s Fine Candies, every household can enjoy candy again, including those with gluten allergies and other kinds of allergies. Their goal is to create exceptional candies. How Read more

Why the Carnegie Science Center Should Be on Your List #VisitPITTSBURGH No Comments

It seems to me that my family REALLY loves science. My boys could have stayed at the Carnegie Science Center all day and would have been super happy. My family had the chance to spend about 4 hours at the Museum and we had a blast. My kids are ages 7,5,3, and 1 and each one of us had a blast, including my husband and I. Read more

Go Adventure Mom is Partnering with Coca-Cola and Heading to Nepal #NepalNow #5by20 1 Comment

  Imagine getting a phone call from Coca-Cola telling you that you are headed to Nepal. Visiting Nepal is something I have always wanted to do, so the excitement in me was rich. Coca-Cola has important work going on in Nepal and Go Adventure Mom is headed there first hand. I wanted to share some reasons as to why we are excited about heading to Nepal. Two Read more

Join Go Adventure Mom at Outessa this FRIDAY #sweatydirtyhappy Save $50 No Comments

Outessa brings together like-minded women that love to explore the outdoors (Read for the Outessa discount code below) Are you a woman who loves the outdoors? I’m super excited to introduce you to a weekend that’s designed JUST FOR YOU! I’ve been waiting to go to an Outessa event for quite some time and I’m glad this is my year. Finally, the getaway I’ve been looking for Read more

Simple ways your child can be a naturalist No Comments

Guest Post by MarkDanenhauer   This Fall Your Kids Can Become Junior Naturalists During summer it felt like my kids and I had lots of time to go explore the mountains, creeks, and forests in the area.  Yet, as always happens, summer flew by and now it is back to school.  The days are busy with school, homework, sports, and activities.   Despite this there is still an easy Read more

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh #VisitPITTSBURGH No Comments

My family was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this past week. There were TONS of things to do, but we had to narrow it down to only a few things, since our time there was so short. Our first stop on the list was the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. We stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites Pittsburgh-Downtown and had a great time, but the hotel was within Read more

What Luxury Feels Like: Staying at Hampton Inn & Suites Pittsburgh-Downtown No Comments

  When a family is headed to Pittsburgh for a week full of fun, where do they stay? I was searching for hotels and I had a list of requirements. I wanted it to be safe, fun, and downtown. I came across the Hampton Inn & Suites in Pittsburgh. They agreed to host us for a few days and it was the best decision EVER! Let me Read more

What you need to know about your internet when working from home 1 Comment

Making sure you are getting the best out of your internet and the biggest bang for your buck   It’s no secret that I work from home with little ones. I need strong Internet and not something that will go in and out, it must be consistent. I think my readers will be excited to learn about CenturyLink. They are the leading Internet provider for Utah, which Read more

The Best Gear for 2016 1 Comment

2016 OUTDOOR RETAILER SUMMER SHOW WINNERS The Best Gear of 2016 This past week we attended the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in Salt Lake City and got a sneak peek of new products for the Spring 2017 Season. Over 1,500 exhibitors share their latest and greatest products. While we love getting an insider preview to new products, my favorite part of the Outdoor Retailer Show is connecting Read more

2016 OUTDOOR RETAILER SUMMER SHOW WINNERS  Check out our top picks for the gear awards and a sneak peek for 2017 Best Gear   The Best Gear Awards  This past week we attended the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in Salt Lake City and got a sneak peek of new products for the Spring 2017 Season. Over 1,500 exhibitors share their latest and greatest products. While we love getting an Read more

Back to School Backpack Guide No Comments

Back to School Backpack Buying Guide What if the backpack you bought your child this year was just what they needed? What if the backpack lasted more than 6 months? When looking for a backpack this school year, you need to check out these tips. Durability is #1 Sometimes when you think back to school backpacks, you just grab what you can. Not anymore. When you Read more

Tips for Hiking the Wilderness No Comments

Tips for Hiking the Wilderness Now that you have your mind set on hiking the wilderness to earn one of the pins (or all of the pins), you’ll want to make sure you follow these tips. Safety is always first. No matter who you are or where you’re going, safety is always first. Make sure you have the proper hiking gear on. Also, a charged cell phone is Read more

Earn a Wilderness Pin from the USDA No Comments

Earn a Unique Wilderness Pin from the USDA Looking for a fun way to get our kids outdoors (that doesn't involve Pokemon Go)? We've found a a fun way for kids to get rewarded for enjoying our trails. Utah is a great place for exploring. There are so many great trails that are family friendly hikes. There aren’t many things that kids can do for free anymore that Read more

Tips for Bird Watching with Kids No Comments

Tips for Bird Watching with Kids Have you ever considered going bird watching? While this isn’t an activity everyone does in their free time, it is something you should consider doing. What’s even more fun is when you take your children bird watching with you. Check out these tips for bird watching with your children. #1. Start by looking out the window Children can begin bird watching by looking out the Read more