Tips for Shopping Your Local Farmers Market No Comments

LOCAL FARMERS MARKET One of my favorite times of the year is here. Shopping at our local farmer’s market is invigorating. The smell in the air is one that is indescribable. The fresh fruit from local farms is ready to be purchased, it is just an exciting time. Here are some tips I can offer you for when you’re shopping at your local farmer’s market. Do Read more

Top 10 Places to Camp and Fish in Utah No Comments

Top Places to Camp and Fish in Utah Camping is such a fun time! Utah offers endless camping options. You could pack up your family today and have no problem finding a place to camp and fish in Utah. 1.Deer Creek State Park – A great place to camp and fish in Utah. The waters of Deer Creek are known for being cool, but they are also Read more

Finding your tribe No Comments

OUTESSA SUMMIT #SWEATYDIRTYHAPPY Imagine traveling all the way from Florida to camp for the weekend on the top of a mountain. You don't know a single person but decide to go anyway. When you get there, you connect with women that are like you, they get you. This is your tribe!  This is what happened to Lindsey at Outessa Summit at Powder Mountain earlier this month. I Read more

What you need to know about your internet when working from home 1 Comment

Making sure you are getting the best out of your internet and the biggest bang for your buck   It’s no secret that I work from home with little ones. I need strong Internet and not something that will go in and out, it must be consistent. I think my readers will be excited to learn about CenturyLink. They are the leading Internet provider for Utah, which Read more

Buzz Away Extreme 1 Comment

Buzz Away Extreme Imagine a product that could change the way you do things outdoors. If your family is anything like ours, we spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s amazing, but it does come with some consequences. Introducing Buzz Away Extreme. This is a really cool product that allows your family to have an eco-positive experience while outdoors. Here’s why you’ll see my family Read more

11 Must Read National Park Safety Tips No Comments

Tips for Respecting Our National Parks If your family has yet to visit a National Park, you’re totally missing out. National Parks are one of the most awesome parts of living in the United States. Not only is the endless adventure, there is a ton of sightseeing to enjoy as well. The only problem is that respecting National Parks seems to be a lost art. 11 National Read more

Reasons to Shop at Sierra Trading Post No Comments

We're happy to Welcome Sierra Trading Post to Salt Lake City, Utah If there is one thing my family loves to do, it is shop together! Shopping makes the world a better place, doesn’t it? What’s even more fun is when you can find a family friendly place to shop together! “Our place” is known as Sierra Trading Place.  Here are some reason my local Salt Read more

Utah’s Air Quality It’s no secret that when you walk outside in Utah, you want to be able to breath. Am I right? Feeling stuffed up and like you cannot breathe is never a good thing. It’s time that we all stood together and actually did something about helping with Utah’s Air Quality. Here’s where we can all begin- Stop driving as much Do you really Read more

Eat These Muffins to Add Fiber and Protein to Your Diet No Comments

Ways to Add Fiber and Protein to Your Diet Adding more fiber and protein to your diet is important. Most Americans are super busy and don’t have a lot of time to focus on their diet. They’re on the go constantly. Unfortunately, after a while, your diet starts to catch up to you and you’ll start feeling it in your body. When it comes down Read more

12 Insider Tips For Families Visiting Heber Valley  No Comments

  We packed up the kids for Spring Break and headed up Parley’s Canyon on our way to the Heber Valley. As always, it had been a crazy day filled with packing and last minute emergencies. (Why aren’t the kids shoes on after I’ve asked a million times?) We were spending 10 days up in Heber Valley while we had some repairs done to our house. It Read more

What to do for Utah Adventure Week this weekend No Comments

Utah Adventure Week wraps up with a few family friendly tips for this weekend. During Adventure Week, over 30 outdoor recreational activities have taken place. At Go Adventure Mom we believe in getting families outside. We know that somedays adventures are a simple nature walk or playing in the sandbox, but no matter where your adventure takes you, Go Adventure Mom knows having kids only ads to Read more

Homestead Resort Utah In a world where busy schedules and technology rule supreme, it can be tough to carve out family time. School, work, extra-curricular activities, tablets, phones, laptops, they all seem to keep families apart when they should be spending valuable family time together. I recently took stock of how little time my family was spending together and finally decided that enough was enough. I Read more

This summer, change the tempo of your fast-paced life and feel the rhythm of the great outdoors at the Deer Valley® Music Festival. In the middle of summer we head to the mountains to feel the cooler temperatures. My families #1 awesome way to get outside this summer is to attend a concert at Deer Valley® - one of Utah's world-class resorts. It's the combination of music in the great outdoors Read more