10 Fitness Program Tips For Long Term Success No Comments

This year, it’s all about health. I mean, you have said you are going to get into shape before, but this is your year. The key to success this year is to prepare yourself. Working out is something that is mind over matter. When you need to get into shape, finding the right fitness program can be hard. I decided to buckle down and look Read more

Are Healthy Prepared Meals a Myth? No Comments

Healthy Prepared Meals seem like an oxymoron - but some companies provide amazing products that are healthy and delicious. Check out our favorites! Having a healthy meal each night at my house sometimes seems unrealistic. I’m a working mom that has three kids and a husband. Life is crazy in so many ways. However, I made a commitment a long time ago that I needed to Read more

Kick-off Your 2017 Fitness Goals with the 365 Mile Challenge No Comments

365 mile challenge Tips for Setting 2017 Fitness Goals & Why You Need a Community to Support You How many of you are really trying to think of your 2017 fitness goals? As a mom and outdoor nerd, I have realized the importance of setting goals and having a community rooting for my goals. One thing I realized this year is that there are a Read more

365 Mile Challenge 3 Comments

What is the 365 Mile Challenge?  Today I'm excited to announce the 356 Mile Challenge. This is a project we've been working on for a few months and a few friends on Facebook got a sneak peek. Here's the thing. Somedays, most days, I feel like a complete fraud. I'm an outdoor blogger but don't always like going outdoors. Especially when it is winter and freezing.  Why Read more

Oofos Raising Breast Cancer Awareness No Comments

Breast Cancer Awareness October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but breast cancer research is an important cause all year long, especially for OOFOS. Diagnosis In November of 2014, just 2 ½ years into the launch of this new brand of recovery footwear, Duncan Finigan, the head of marketing, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Advanced Breast Cancer. This means it’s a treatable, non-curable, terminal condition and the survival Read more

Eye Safety Tips for Kids #EyeSafetyMonth No Comments

We've partnered with Liberty Sport to bring you the following article. Liberty Sport specializes in sunglasses and sports eye protection. The opinions expressed are our own.  Eye Safety Something that doesn’t first come to your mind as you raise kids, oftentimes, is eye safety. However, most activities that kids are involved with can be a risk to their eyes. Playing outside, sports, and everyday activities. Since it Read more

Eat These Muffins to Add Fiber and Protein to Your Diet No Comments

Ways to Add Fiber and Protein to Your Diet Adding more fiber and protein to your diet is important. Most Americans are super busy and don’t have a lot of time to focus on their diet. They’re on the go constantly. Unfortunately, after a while, your diet starts to catch up to you and you’ll start feeling it in your body. When it comes down Read more

Habit My Way At the beginning of January I know a lot of people, myself included, who made resolutions to become healthier in the new year. Weight loss, a healthier lifestyle, better diet, etc. are age old resolutions, sure, but they're great ones to have since so many of us found ourselves slipping into nasty habits last year. Personally, I was all too happy to start ditching Read more

Breast Cancer Awareness No Comments

Breast Cancer Awareness We, like you, are typically multitasking and constantly on-the-go. However, in an effort to Think Pink during October for Breast Cancer Awareness, we want to slow down and take time for our health. According to the American Cancer Society, in 2015 there will be more than 231,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed amongst women in the Unites States. So far, the best way Read more

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 1 Comment

Many of us have been touched by breast cancer, though loved ones, friends, or ourselves. Overcoming the initial shock, emotions, pain, and uncertainty is at times overwhelming. This annual campaign increases awareness of the disease and reminds women to take steps to make a plan to detect the disease in the early stages. October’s my favorite month to watch NFL games. Players in their pink shoes, belts, Read more

I've been a lover of popcorn since childhood. Some of my earliest memories are the smell of popcorn permeating the air of our home after I'd arrived home from school and enjoying a bowl with my family before starting on homework. Now, as an adult I can say that my love for popcorn has evolved and that I've moved on from plain Jane microwavable popcorn. Read more

Did anyone else start off this summer with high hopes for getting fit? I sure did. I thought with all the kids at home and not having to drive to school and back and after school activities, we would have lots of free time. In my mind, that free time equated to working out at the gym in the mornings. However, two months into summer and Read more

My Number One Secret to Eating Healthy This is a three part series, if you're just joining us, start with the first post on sleep. Finding a balance that works for you between 1. Sleep, 2. Eating Right, 3. Exercise. When two of these are out of balance, I feel pretty crummy. But if I can at least get two of these in my day, I feel Read more

What the World Eats: A Look at Food Around The World No Comments

Food Around the World We Are What We Eat: Documenting Dinners Around the World Author Pamela Chen Photography Matthieu Paley These days, documenting our dinners for the Internet is a universal pastime: sharing your food means that you don’t dig into your plate until you’ve taken a picture of it with your phone and posted it to your social networks. We embraced this form of photography for our story, “The Read more