The Power of Play No Comments

Why Getting Outdoors is So Important: Knowing the Power of Play Tips for Going to the Park Getting outside to play is something to embrace, not to ignore. If you’re going to get outdoors to play, you might as well make it count. Grab the kids and head outside for the day because getting outdoors is so important and the power of play is irreplaceable Read more

Puppy Love: True Stories of Doggie Devotion No Comments

Ever since I can remember I've been fond of animals. Like every other girl I knew I loved different animals at different stages of my life. For a long while I was obsessed with horses; I lived and breathed anything to do with equestrian activities. While I didn't have a horse of my own, I still loved them from afar. After that fizzled out, I Read more

A Friend for Lakota National Geographic has always been an advocate for animals. Ever since arriving onto the scene with their glossy magazine covers sporting amazing creatures caught on film, National Geographic has been passionate in their belief in the power of science exploration and storytelling. I grew up with National Geographic being the go-to for all things animals and during my school years I used Read more

Dawn “We All Love Wildlife” 1 Comment

How do you love wildlife? This month, Dawn and animal advocate Ian Somerhalder are celebrating the people whose lives have been impacted and redefined by wildlife with the debut of its “We All Love Wildlife” video series. The heartfelt series showcases the profound, positive influence that wildlife has had on individual rescue volunteers from the International Bird Rescue (IBR) and The Marine Mammal Center – a college Read more

How to Help a Stranded Marine Mammal Have you ever run into a stranded Marine Mammal? Here are some tips from The Marine Mammal center on what to do if you find a stranded marine mammal. 7 Steps to Help a Stranded Marine Mammal Do not touch, pick up or feed the animal. Do not return the animal to the water.  Observe the animal from a distance of at Read more

Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest No Comments

  2014 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest Winning Entry by Amy Feng   U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Invites Kids Across the Nation to Participate in this Year’s Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest Contest encourages children in grades K through 12 to learn about the plight of endangered wildlife around the globe and the importance of conservation Youth across the nation are invited to put their creative Read more

World Animal Day Did you know there is a day dedicated to animals? It's called "World Animal Day".  This year, World Animal Day (October 4, 2014) was be celebrated with actors and animal advocates, Adrian Grenier and Keegan Allen.   Dawn’s “Day in the Wildlife” event spotlighted the vital role that International Bird Rescue (IBR) and The Marine Mammal Center play in the health and wellness of marine Read more

When I was in elementary school, I was a dreamer. And a nerd. Some girls dream of being princesses. My dream? Talking to birds. I was convinced I was the Bird Whisperer.                                   The Bird Whisperer Not only was I convinced I could talk to them, but would stand outside my front yard like a statue. I'd wait for them to land on my outstretched hand. I would use mental telepathy and Read more

Hotdogs Roasting On an Open Fire –Coghlan’s Camp Accesories No Comments

So, if I'm being real, I’m not much of a camper. a self-proclaimed "Adventure Mom," I’m trying to become one. I want my kids to LOVE being outdoors and to know how to live and play in the outdoors. Enter Coghlan's. I met these fine folks at the Summer 2013 Outdoor Retailers show. They provided me with some great equipment to get started on family fun times Read more

THE GREAT NATURE PROJECT This week we’d like to encourage you to join the us in The Great Nature Project and for a #GreatNature Walk . National Geographic Kids is working this week (September 21 – 28) to set a Genesi World Record for the largest online photo album of animals and we think this is a great way to get kids outside and involved with photography. To Read more

I've always wanted a family photo that included our furry four legged friends, but that seemed like crazy talk. Trying to get two kids + two dogs to smile and behave for a picture, forget about it. When the Daily Herold interviwed me for the upcoming BlogPaws social media & blogging conference I was at home dying with the flu. Then, when the reporter contacted us and Read more

We kindly refer to ourselves as "dog people". No, we don't look or smell like dogs, at least I hope not, both Jon and I grew up with dogs. Six years ago we got our first dog, Banjo. We wanted a medium sized dog because our house isn't very big. After doing some serious research on the American Kennel Club website, we find a breed that Read more