How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Trip 1 Comment

How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Trip Do you love being outside as much as I do? Everyone is busy planning these trips for the “indoors” but I want to spend time outdoors. Let’s talk about how we can plan the perfect outdoor trip! #1. Make a list of what to pack Whether you’re camping or just hiking in an awesome spot for the day--- you need Read more

Buzz Away Extreme 1 Comment

Buzz Away Extreme Imagine a product that could change the way you do things outdoors. If your family is anything like ours, we spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s amazing, but it does come with some consequences. Introducing Buzz Away Extreme. This is a really cool product that allows your family to have an eco-positive experience while outdoors. Here’s why you’ll see my family Read more

I absolutely love hiking, but camping has its own undeniable charm I wouldn't give up for anything in the world. With summer closing in as we speak, us campers need to be prepared with anything that can help us in our outdoor adventures. If you need a bit of inspiration, I hand-picked some brilliant crafts that can make camping more fun, but also decorate your home Read more

12 Insider Tips For Families Visiting Heber Valley  No Comments

  We packed up the kids for Spring Break and headed up Parley’s Canyon on our way to the Heber Valley. As always, it had been a crazy day filled with packing and last minute emergencies. (Why aren’t the kids shoes on after I’ve asked a million times?) We were spending 10 days up in Heber Valley while we had some repairs done to our house. It Read more

ShowerPass Rain Jacket Review No Comments

ShowerPass Rain Jacket Review Raise your hand if you’re an avid hiker like we are! My family loves to hit the mountains but we also love to be protected from the harsh weather. I searched high and low for gear that my kids can use for biking and I finally hit the “jacket pot.” The Showerpass Kids Rainjacket is a favorite in our family for many reasons. The jacket Read more

Kidizoom Action Cam Review No Comments

Kidizoom Action Cam Review When it comes to innovative gadgets for our little ones, Vtech and their fantastic electronic learning products have been the brand to go to since they got their start in the early 80's. . Since then, the folks at Vtech have been developing high-quality, innovative, electronic products that have been helping children learn while, at the same time, being fun, must-have gifts for every age Read more

Reasons to Go Glamping at Conestoga Ranch No Comments

Glamping at Conestoga Ranch in Bear Lake, Utah Have you ever wanted to go “camping” but step it up a bit? There’s something known as “glamping” around and it may be right up your ally. If you’re local to Utah’s Bear Lake, you’ll like what is coming up throughout the summer at Conestoga Ranch. Here are some things we love about Conestoga Ranch! Think of this as Read more

Rise and Shine Campers! Maker Camp kicks off today! No Comments

Grab your virtual sleeping bag, Maker Camp 2015 officially launched this morning! Today marks the start of the fourth year of the program, which is a free, 6-week virtual summer camp. Even though we usually promote getting the kids outside, this camp is a great hands on learning resource to keep your kids engaged and learning this summer. Here's a fun summer camp that your kids can do from home Read more

My friends over at Pali Adventures share "unplugged camp". This is my kind a camp:   Kids are constantly surrounded by screens: cell phones, tablets, laptops, television, video games and so on. Some of these tools of technology can be extremely helpful in educational value, but when is it too much? Pali believes that every kid needs a tech detox now and then, to reconnect with each other and nature. That Read more

3 Tips to Help Bed-wetters Camp No Comments

You've planned and prepared to get your family outdoors. Awesome. You've set up camp. Awesome. At the end of the day, you've manage to get everyone asleep in the tent. Awesome. At 2 o’clock in the morning you hear, “Mom?... I wet my sleeping bag.” Not so awesome. I thought I was finished with diapers when my 4 year old twins finally kept their beds dry. They were proud Read more

Three Campfire Gifts for Foodies No Comments

Three Campfire Gifts for Foodies Yes, our holiday gift guide is already out, but here are three more awesome gifts for outdoor foodies.  At the risk of offending, I just have to say I AM SO OVER S’MORES! I have been making them for so many years.  At this point they are really just about nostalgia rather than good eats. So if you or anyone on Read more

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 108 Comments

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 We know that you'd rather spend our time enjoying being together as a family than out in the mall shopping. That's why we've put together a Holiday Gift Guide. This year we've included more ideas for outdoor families, teens and babies. Plus, ideas for friends and neighbor gifts. There is something for the bike lover, music lover and for families that aren't afraid to Read more

Camping Games and Activities for Families No Comments

Does your family love to camp? Here are 18 fun camping games for kids: I love camping. It is one of my all-time favorite activities and fall is a great time of year to camp.  But the last thing you want to have to worry about when planning your next trip is bringing more toys or activities to keep the kids entertained.  So I rounded up a Read more

How to Start a Campfire No Comments

    It can be easily argued that one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors, to engage with it on a sensory level, is with a campfire. Communing around that mainstay of every camp and picnic site and inhaling the woodsy aroma that only a campfire can make often causes feelings of happiness and peace. At least, that's the way it is with me. So I'm Read more

Top Adventures Before School Starts 1 Comment

Top Adventures Before School Starts School is just around the corner and if you're like me you may want to squeeze in a few more outdoor adventures before the weather starts to cool and the days get shorter. Here are a few suggestions: Hike "Research shows that hiking has a positive impact on combating the symptoms of stress and anxiety" says Gregory A. Miller, PhD, president of the Read more