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PackTowel Luxe Towel There is one item that people don’t think about bringing whenever they’re traveling. My favorite towel to bring with us, when traveling, is the PackTowel Luxe Towel. Here are some reasons you might want consider bringing this towel along with you on your next trip. Super Soft I don’t think you can even imagine the softness of this towel until you get up close and Read more

Top Cold Weather Gear For Sledding No Comments

Top Cold Weather Gear For Sledding Sledding is a part of winter that is fun! The snow provides this blanket of fun that every family must enjoy. The hard part is knowing what gear to choose. Going sledding with the family doesn't require special gear, you just need the right gear. One of the biggest things I have noticed about families that go sledding is that Read more

8 Myths About the Vegan Lifestyle No Comments

8 Myths About the Vegan Lifestyle Are you considering becoming a Vegan? If so, you may be curious about some myths you have heard. Those who are considering being a vegan want to know the ins and outs of the lifestyle. In our world, today, people put out myths about the Vegan diet. While doing some research, I was able to bust many myths about the Read more

Hydration Tips for Moms No Comments

Hydration Tips for Moms In the everyday of life, moms forget to do one thing and that’s to take care of themselves. I cannot tell you how many days I forget to drink water. I’m so busy working and taking care of little ones that I forget to drink water. Here are hydration tips for moms. Keep water on hand I know some of you don’t drink tap Read more

Heart Health Month Awareness For Women + Giveaway No Comments

Heart Health Month Awareness For Women Did you know that women have the potential for heart disease, just as much as men? Heart disease in women is not something that should just be written off. Heart Health Month Awareness for Women is right around the corner. Here are some signs you should keep an eye out for! We've got  giveaway for you as well, so read Read more

4 Tips for Playing in the Snow No Comments

Playing in the Snow Playing in the snow is a must for most kids. Seeing the white stuff fall from the sky is amazing! It’s so amazing that your kids need to get out there and experience it firsthand. Here are some tips for when you allow your kids to play in the snow. Dress warm When playing out in the snow, the first step in dressing warm! Read more

Understanding Popular Parenting Styles and How To Use Them No Comments

Understanding Popular Parenting Styles and How To Use Them The cool thing about parenting is that you can do it as you wish! You don’t have to follow anyone else’s guidelines. There are things out there called parenting styles. Some genius went through and took the most popular ways of parenting together and called them parenting styles. I wanted to breakdown these parenting styles with you, Read more

Kids Museum Activities Everyone Loves No Comments

Kids Museum Activities Everyone Loves Heading to museums are one of our favorite activities as a family. It’s so much fun to spend time in museums, all while having fun and learning. While most kids’ museums are designated for kids, it is possible for the whole family to have fun!   Grab lunch at the museum – My kids and I are always hungry, so it only makes Read more

Woom Bikes No Comments

Woom Bikes In the USA, you see bikes that are traditional looking. Go to the UK and you see something different. They are called Woom Bikes and they are blowing people’s minds, mostly mine. Let’s talk about how the Woom Bikes work and while you’ll fall in love with them. Balance Bike The Woom Bikes are balance bikes. It helps you to introduce your children to something with Read more

Printable Ultimate Travel Checklist For Vacation Planning No Comments

Printable Ultimate Travel Checklist For Vacation Planning Vacation is right around the corner for many of us. While this brings about a lot of excitement, it can be a stressful trying to pack for everyone. There are six people in my family, so packing isn’t always an easy thing. I have learned to rely on the ultimate travel checklist for vacation planning. Here is my ultimate Read more

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Platypus When you’re out there hiking in the wilderness, you need to stay hydrated. Not saying I only hike in the wilderness, but wherever you’re hiking, hydration is always a must. Platypus has a line of hydration packs that you’re going to want for your adventures.     Platypus not only has awesome hydration packs, but they have water bottles, DuoLock™ SoftBottle™, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for Read more

Outstanding Winter Camping Destinations For Families No Comments

Outstanding Winter Camping Destinations For Families Have you been considering winter camping? It might be cold outside, but you can still camp. Matter-of-fact, some of the best camping is done during the winter months. The only thing standing between you and an awesome winter camping experience is the destination. I have done the hard work for you. Check out these outstanding winter camping destinations for families.   Devil’s Read more

5 Cooking Games For Kids To Learn From No Comments

5 Cooking Games For Kids To Learn From Teaching my kids to cook has always been on the top of my radar. I think it is important for them to learn how to cook without compromising safety. Truth be told, my kids are still young, so I have been nervous to teach them the ins and outs of cooking. However, I had a thought that maybe Read more