Biodegradable feeding solutions

Biodegradable feeding solutions

My kids are getting older and they are also getting harder on products. I have searched high and low for products that are not only awesome, but that last a while. I have found that and more through JJ Rabbit. This is a brand focused on creating feeding products that kids will love.

Biodegradable feeding solutions

  • CUPPIES®– You will love everything about these awesome cups. At the bottom of each one of these cups is a cute little animal. These are awesome training cups, but also FDA approved for biodegradable plastic! I love these so much and so do my kids. Even my bigger kids use these form time to time.

Biodegradable feeding solutions

  • ergoFORK+SPOON™– Basically, this gadget for little ones will rock your socks off. This fork and spoon makes eating for a toddler SUPER EASY. I hate watching my toddlers struggle to eat, so these are GREAT. Yup, these forks and spoons basically rock and you won’t find anything else like it on the market.

Biodegradable feeding solutions

  • aniBOWL™– So no to bowls and hello to the aniBOWL™. It’s a great solution to eating children. These bowls make snacking and eating super fun. Each one of my kids has one and they LOVE it.

Biodegradable feeding solutions Biodegradable feeding solutions Biodegradable feeding solutions Biodegradable feeding solutions

  • siliMAT™– My kids love the siliMAT™ and it makes eating much easier. Not only does it protect from germs, these are just plain fun. They can be used as a placemat or as a plate. I think these are awesome because it really is less mess for mom or dad to clean up. Cleaning up after messy kids isn’t my favorite thing in the world, so this is awesome.

We love every single one of these, but JJ Rabbit also has a few other products you should check out. I’d love to hear what you thought about the products after reading my review.


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