Thankful For Our Tribe

Thankful For Our Tribe


Thankful For Our Tribe

This time of year is my favorite. There is a coolness in the air and Thanksgiving is coming. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays because we gather with family and focus on what we are thankful for.

This past Monday for family night, we wrote down all the things we are thankful for on a big piece of presentation paper (think huge post-it note). It was nice to take a moment to write down the things we are thankful for. The list is still growing.

This year especially, we are thankful for the Go Adventure Mom community and for all of you that support us. In return, we’d like to say THANK YOU to you and are giving away a Coleman Limited Edition National Parks Northstar Propane Lantern.

May this lantern remind you of all the things you are thankful for!


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Description of Lantern

Celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service with the National Parks Edition™ Northstar® Propane Lantern. This limited edition lantern is perfect for enjoying the majesty that the National Park Service so tirelessly protects by letting you take an ultra-bright lantern with you. The tube-mantle design of this lantern shines brighter than most standard 2-mantle lanterns – up to 1500 lumens of light that reaches up to 26 meters away. Starting your lantern is easy. Just hit the Instastart™ push-button ignition and dial in the perfect brightness with the adjustable control knob. Once your lantern is lit, the footed base provides stability when placed on a table, and the bail handle allows for easy hanging. Meanwhile, the globe guard helps protect the globe from breaking. No matter where you go, the PerfectFlow™ pressure control technology produces a steady fuel stream and consistent performance in all kinds of weather. When you’re ready to head home, the feet on the base collapse for more compact storage until you’re ready for your next bright adventure in one of our glorious national parks.

  • Limited edition in celebration of the National Park Service centennial in 2016
  • Official lantern of the National Park Foundation
  • PerfectFlow™ technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions and high altitude
  • Instastart™ ignition for push-button, matchless lighting
  • 1500 lumens on high casts light up to 26 meters
  • Lasts up to 4 hours on high or 9 hours on low on one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • Adjustable brightness gives you precise control for perfect outdoor lighting
  • Collapsible footed base provides increased stability and compact storage
  • Porcelain-coated 2-tier ventilator helps resist corrosion and rust
  • Metal globe guard provides added protection from impacts
  • High-temperature globe resists cracking from heat
  • Bail handle for easy carrying and convenient hanging
  • Insta-Clip® #95 mantle included
  • 3-year limited warranty



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Post author

Go Adventure Mom’s found, Kathy Dalton, launched Go Adventure Mom in 2012 in an effort to bring women together that love travel and the outdoors. As a former ski instructor, Kathy has taken her love for outdoor recreation and through the power of social media has created a platform to share her passion with the world. As a mom of three, Kathy loves to share her family adventures in Utah, cross-country skiing up Millcreek Canyon, skiing in the Wasatch Mountains, camping in Grand Teton National Park and camping in the Uintas. Kathy has been featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Parents and Parenting magazine. Kathy is a regular contributor to Visit Salt Lake and is a tip contributor on TripAdvisor.

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  1. Posted by Zyrio


  2. Posted by Zyrio

    I love the outdoors because using an old lantern like this while camping somewhere with a creek nearby is the most peaceful thing. That’s sacred and this would help that dream come true. I would love to share that moment with my family while playing card games next to the lantern on a bench in the forest.

  3. Posted by Mandi Smith

    I am thankful for the outdoors because it allows my kids to see the beauty of nature and burn energy outside of the house

  4. Posted by Katie Bellamy

    I’m thankful for the weather in the Fall & in the Summer! ;)

  5. Posted by Tamra Gibson

    I’m thankful for the outdoors for many reasons. The beauty that can be found in every little tree, leaf, grass. The open grounds that will lead you anywhere. The air that seems to revive you. Mostly it’s God’s creation .

  6. Posted by Angie Agerter

    So many things I am thankful for when it comes to the outdoors. But the fresh smell of the air is a biggie. So amazing out there.

  7. Posted by Dale Steele Nicolov

    I am thankful for the outdoors to be able to exercise and enjoy the best Mother Nature has to offer!

  8. Posted by Emily Endrizzi

    I am thankful for the outdoors because it gives my family and our dogs a wonderful place to explore.

  9. Posted by Audrey Stewart

    I love to be outside, but not when it’s cold. I want to live in a cabin in the woods.

  10. Posted by Stacey Roberson

    I love the fresh air I inhale when I’m outdoors. I love watching the changing color of the leaves in Fall.

  11. Posted by Cheryl B.

    I am thankful for the outdoors because it gives me a sense of freedom and peace, when my life is stressful a simple walk is calming.

  12. Posted by Tracey L

    I’m thankful for the outdoors because whenever I’m out on an adventure I have an overwhelming sense of peace! It doesn’t matter what I’m doing or where it’s at as long as it’s out with nature I’m calm and can breathe deep!

  13. Posted by Danielle S

    I am thankful for the outdoors because without them I would go stir crazy always being indoors.

  14. Posted by Danielle S

    If I won the Colman Fry Campstove, or if I won this lantern, we would at least be able to take a trip up the mountains and stay at a campground in Big Bear.

  15. Posted by Christina Sparks

    I love the smell of the outdoors, the nature and colors.

  16. Posted by Kristin C

    I love taking my kids on hikes – it’s great to see the outdoor world through their eyes

  17. Posted by betty league

    I found that stress lessens when you spend time outdoors. I am thankful for the outdoors because of it’s beauty….thanks

  18. Posted by Kristin C

    If I won the lantern or the stove, I would love to take my youngest for his first camping adventure.

  19. Posted by angela eagle

    I’m thankful for the outdoors because it provides beauty in which I can exercise, spend quality time with loved ones, unwind, find solitude, enjoy my dog, play sports and fish

  20. Posted by heather kaufman

    I love the outdoors, because it relaxes me.

  21. Posted by Stephanie Phelps

    I am thankful for the outdoors because I love the way the sun warms me and the rain makes everything grow and for the cool air that blows through my hair! The colors that are all around!

  22. Posted by Ellie Wright

    I love the outdoors for the wonders of nature and wildlife.

  23. Posted by Angela Mason

    Flowers, trees and all kids of critters. I love the beauty of nature and walk in it everyday! It has a natural calming effect on my soul. Happy Holidays Everyone!

  24. Posted by shannon fowler

    Im thankful for the outdoors because it where I go to relax and destress. I love hiking and seeing amazing sites.

  25. Posted by Nicole Ackerman

    I love the colors of the outdoors and the fresh air/open spaces!!

  26. Posted by MaryAnn

    I am thankful for the outdoors because it makes my children happy.

  27. Posted by Laura

    I’m thankful for the outdoors because It’s beautiful! I love spending time outside!

  28. Posted by Lisa Ogle

    I love to walk, hike, cool crisp air, I love to feel at peace and one with nature.

  29. Posted by Edmond

    I am thankful for the outdoors so I can breath fresh air. :)

  30. Posted by Robin Abrams

    I am thankful for the outdoors because it is so beautiful and fun to do alot of great things like walking through the woods to see all the great things of nature

  31. Posted by Elicia P

    I am thankful for the outdoors for the air. There is nothing like breathing fresh air. It clears your mind!

  32. Posted by Shareen Mioskowski

    I am thankful because it is relaxing, informative, beautiful, resourceful, and so much fun!! There are so many other reasons that I am thankful for the outdoors but I would end up writing a book!

  33. Posted by Emily Endrizzi

    I would use the lantern or stove on many camping adventures with my family. It would be perfect for Boy Scout camping trips with my son too.

  34. Posted by stephanie scales campbell

    i am thankful for the outdoors because it is part of God’s beautiful creation

  35. Posted by Miranda Ward

    I am thankful for the outdoors because it is my happy place where I go to unwind and do my soul searching!

  36. Posted by kelly tupick

    I am thankful for the outdoors as i find it calming and relaxing being outdoors. I love the fresh air.

  37. Posted by Annmarie W.

    I am thankful for the outdoors because the fresh air always picks up my spirits and makes me feel so alive!

  38. Posted by Sam

    I’m thankful for the outdoors because it is one of the most beautiful gifts we have.

  39. Posted by sandra

    reminds me of simpler times

  40. Posted by Jessica

    I am thankful for the outdoors it provides my family and I am place to escape.

  41. Posted by Margot C

    We live at the base of some mountains. I love that we can go there; sometimes with the dogs always as a family. We love it.

  42. Posted by Peggy Johnson

    I am thankful for the outdoors because I am usually stuck inside working and its great to get some fresh air and activity

  43. Posted by Vickie

    There is nothing more majestic than being, exploring, my well being..the beauty and awe of it all.

  44. Posted by Corey Olomon

    I’m thankful for the outdoors, since its vastness making my problems seem so small.

  45. Posted by Jennifer Marohn

    I am thankful I have outdoor space so that my chickens have plenty of room to roam, and I can have my chickens.

  46. Posted by Shannon

    I’m grateful for the outdoors because I love being outside. I love camping and hiking and boating. I even work outside.

  47. Posted by Sara

    Love the fresh air and it keeps my kids away from the tv

  48. Posted by karen nadeau

    I enjoy the fresh cool air and the breeze. Especially in the Fall. I love to take walks.

  49. Posted by doug gerard

    that’s where GOD lets us know of his presence

  50. Posted by Mary Beth Elderton

    I am thankful to be outside because that is who we really are—a part of nature, a part of the world.

  51. Posted by Julie Waldron

    I’m thankful for the beauty of all seasons….Snow in the winter, the newness of Spring, the flowers & sunshine of summer and the changing leaves of fall.

  52. Posted by Julie Waldron

    We would use this camp stove or lantern on our camping trips to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

  53. Posted by Christy Peeples DuBois

    I am grateful for the outdoors because it’s God’s handiwork.

  54. Posted by Melanie Wooden

    Powerful and potent relief for anxiety, and helps my son who has autism reduce stimming behaviors to be out in the fresh air.

  55. Posted by Angela Saver

    If I win, I would go adventure with my family by going on a camping & hiking trip & using the camp stove or lantern to make things easier on our trip!

  56. Posted by Sheri Anderson

    I am so grateful for the outdoors because I can do my daily walk into nature and it soothes my soul, thanks!

  57. Posted by molli taylor

    i really need to connect with nature in order to connect with m,yself. im so thankful for that

  58. Posted by Felina P

    I am thankful for the Outdoor because it is my place to unwind & relax. I feel more like me when in the woods, then any other time in my life.

  59. Posted by Christopher Smart

    i am thankful for the outdoors because it allows you to relax and be amazed at big gun upstairs works of art!

  60. Posted by Jill

    I’m thankful for it because of its beauty, there’s nothing fake about it. And it’s a wonderful escape!

  61. Posted by Jennifer H.

    I am thankful for the outdoors because I like the calm that it brings to me!

  62. Posted by John H.

    I am thankful because I like to garden and fish.

  63. Posted by Mary M

    I am thankful for the outdoors. The beauty of nature cause me to give thanks to God for His wonderful creation. I find beauty in the clouds, the trees, the wildflowers, etc.

  64. Posted by Deborah Caudill

    I am so thankful for the beauty of the outdoors and I hope that the national parks will always be protected and left in their natural splendor.

  65. Posted by Deborah Caudill

    I am recuperating from a broken leg and a hip replacement, so right now, I would have to set the tent and the lantern up in the backyard for a weekend. Hopefully, I would be able to get back up after sleeping on the ground. I would love to win the Coleman lantern for a trip to the North Carolina mountains a little bit later — probably this coming spring.

  66. Posted by KENNETH OHL

    I’m thankful for all the experiences of the outdoors and the sites and sounds

  67. Posted by Jamie Williams

    Im thankful for the outdoors for its calming and healing affect it has on me since I suffer from major depression and anxiety.

  68. Posted by shirley

    I am thankful for the outdoors , it is where our family spends our funnest time, explore all things, learn and talk.

  69. Posted by Heather Wine

    I’m thankful for the outdoors because it gives my family a chance to unplug and really spend time with one another. We love camping and hiking together and taking random road trips to nowhere.

  70. Posted by Hargow Wong

    I am thankful for the outdoors because it lets me getting close to mother nature.

  71. Posted by Piroska

    Being in the outdoors is inspiring for art, writing, music, living. It fosters our imagination and nourishes our soul.

  72. Posted by Anita L

    I am thankful for the outdoors because it’s so wonderful to admire mother nature!

  73. Posted by Juana Esparza

    I am thankful for the outdoors because of all the beauty and peace it brings into our lives.

  74. Posted by Jessica Whitehouse

    I enjoy being outside when the weather is comfortably warm but not too hot. Sitting in the shade with a good book is one of my favorite ways to spend early summer afternoons.

  75. Posted by Brandon Sparks

    I am thankful for the outdoors because it is so fun and relaxing to be outdoor

  76. Posted by Brandon Sparks

    I would use it camping. This would be so perfect for camping. The whole family would love it…

  77. Posted by Jerry Marquardt

    I am thankful for the outdoors for the freedom that it grants us everyday, with the exception of being able to select the weather. That can be beautiful, sometimes…

  78. Posted by Jerry Marquardt

    I would go adventure with my family if I win the Coleman Frye camp stove by taking it with me when I go camping.

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