Back to School Backpack Guide

Back to School Backpack Guide

Back to School Backpack Guide

Back to School Backpack Buying Guide

What if the backpack you bought your child this year was just what they needed? What if the backpack lasted more than 6 months? When looking for a backpack this school year, you need to check out these tips.

Durability is #1

Sometimes when you think back to school backpacks, you just grab what you can. Not anymore. When you are thinking about the type of backpack you want, think about durability. You want it to last, you don’t want to have to go through this process again in 5 months.

Laptop Friendly

Did you know that a lot of kids in school have laptops? Being able to carry those devices back and forth to school and home can be hard. This is why a laptop-friendly backpack is super important.

Back to School Backpack Guide

Cute & Cool Designs

When it comes to a backpack, it’s important to have cute designs (for the girls) and cool designs (for the boys). Believe it or not, but kids really do care about what’s on the outside of their backpack, they have to carry it around for a whole year + longer.

Keep the Size Realistic

How many kindergartners do you see walking around with huge backpacks? It’s so important that the size of the backpack stay realistic for the little people in your life.

Buy One You Love

If you’re going to buy your kids a backpack, buy one they love. Buy one that they are going to be proud to bring to school every day! I can tell you one thing, there is never a shortage of backpacks in backpack land.


Make Sure There’s Plenty of Room

Although you want to make sure the backpack is true to size, you also want to make sure there is plenty of room in there. You don’t want a backpack that can’t fit everything they need in there. Try putting a school binder in the backpack to see if the backpack is big enough.

Organizational Pockets: A Must

Anytime I have ever bought a backpack for my kids, I’ve always wanted to make sure it had organizational pockets. It’s amazing how messy a backpack can get, especially when kids are in charge of the organization of it. Make sure there are plenty of pockets for all of the back to school gizmos and gadgets they’ll have.

With my kids going back to school, I think I’m more nervous than they are. My kids will be in 3rd grade and Kindergarten. When it comes to choosing a backpack durability, functionality and style are all super importance concepts to us!

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