Go Adventure Mom (33)

We are giving away a prize a day (valued at $50+ each day!) We’ve got fun gifts for everyone on your list! We love to save money so we can spent it on things we really need or products that help us to get outdoors.

26 Prizes are up for grabs!

Will you be a winner?


a Rafflecopter giveaway
      Go Adventure Mom (5) DAY 1: PSI Bands Bundle: 3 sets of Psi Bands Go Adventure Mom DAY 2: EquiptBaby Bassinet Go Adventure Mom (7) DAY 3: Yummy Mitt Bundle: 1 Yummy Mitt® Teething Mitten 1 Yummy Mitt® Anti-Scratch Mitten Go Adventure Mom (8) DAY 4: Preggers by Therafirm fashionable compression legwear and support garments – $50 gift card Go Adventure Mom (9) DAY 5: SmartKnitKIDS seamless sensitivity socks, undies, compresso-t and bralette. For kids who can’t stand annoying seams! $50 gift card to Go Adventure Mom (29) DAY 6: Baggallini Handbag or travel bag valued at $98 Go Adventure Mom (10) DAY 7: Flowfold tote bag, any in stock color, valued at $50 Go Adventure Mom (30) DAY 8: Boppy Luxe Pillow, $50. Go Adventure Mom (12) DAY 9: Kupp’ 4-pack Go Adventure Mom (31) DAY 10: The Minkey $30 per piece and a Olie teething necklace with teething bracelet worth $30 so a total of $60. Go Adventure Mom (32) DAY 11: Soft Science Shoes: your choice of one pair of awesome SoftScience shoes (valued at $79.99!) Go Adventure Mom (14) DAY 12: Kids Toys Bundle  Chrono Bomb MSRP $29.99, Smart Start – Sparky MSRP $24.99 Mirari – myPad Touch MSRP $29.99 ($85 value!) Go Adventure Mom (15) DAY 13: Milkies by Fairhaven Health Bundle: 1 Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle ($66.95) Go Adventure Mom (16) DAY 14: Two of Pebble’s fair trade, handmade toys: A quirky Stripey Donkey and a colorful Rainbow Bunny Rattle. Valued at $62 Go Adventure Mom (17) DAY 15: Little Kid Toy Bundle:  Go Green Recycle Truck & Puzzle Double Fun Facts! Animals of the World valued at $50.00 Go Adventure Mom (18) DAY 16: Synergy Organic Clothing $50 Gift Card Go Adventure Mom (19) DAY 17: Armpocket Mega i-40 valued at $49.95 Go Adventure Mom (20) DAY 18: Little Ashkim Character Hooded Turkish Towel and Mitten Set (Panda, Cat, Dino or Monster): Go Adventure Mom (21) DAY 19: SPOT Trace + (1) year of basic service ($200 value) Go Adventure Mom (22) DAY 20: Rachel’s Remedy therapy 2-pack with 2 packs of disposable refills. Go Adventure Mom (23) DAY 21: Mace® Brand Nite BeamsTM pet collar and leash: Go Adventure Mom (24) DAY 22: Senseez Fuzzy Dino Vibrating Pillow, valued at $54.99 Go Adventure Mom (25) DAY 23: Kuviez Stay-On Neat Sheets for your Little Guy or Girl~ Twin Sheet Set includes 1 Fitted Sheet , 1 Flat Sheet and 1 Pillowcase` Valued at $59.99 Go Adventure Mom (26) DAY 24: Orange Mudd Transition And Seat Wrap Go Adventure Mom (27) DAY 25: Nookums Paci-Plushies Gift Set: Includes Ella Elephant Buddies, Dimples Dragon Shakies, Peepers Penguin Chillies and Individual Teether Ad-On ($58 value) Go Adventure Mom (28) DAY 26: SkateXS Beginner Complete Custom Skateboard for Kids. Valued at $113.95                BONUS GIVEAWAYS Go Adventure Mom (39) Go Adventure Mom (38)





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Go Adventure Mom’s found, Kathy Dalton, launched Go Adventure Mom in 2012 in an effort to bring women together that love travel and the outdoors. As a former ski instructor, Kathy has taken her love for outdoor recreation and through the power of social media has created a platform to share her passion with the world. As a mom of three, Kathy loves to share her family adventures in Utah, cross-country skiing up Millcreek Canyon, skiing in the Wasatch Mountains, camping in Grand Teton National Park and camping in the Uintas. Kathy has been featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Parents and Parenting magazine. Kathy is a regular contributor to Visit Salt Lake and is a tip contributor on TripAdvisor.

There are 203 Comments

  1. Posted by Martha

    Thanks for doing such a series of awesome giveaways. I would love to win the synergy gift card for me…but then, I think, I should hope for the skateboard for the kids.

  2. Posted by Kelly D

    I hope to win the Baggallini: Handbag

  3. Posted by Wehaf

    I am most excited about the Nite Beam leash and collar.

  4. Posted by natasha lamoreux

    Awesome giveaway. I would like to win the handbag or baby bassinett

  5. Posted by Laura

    Most excited about that bassinet!!

  6. Posted by Patricia M

    I would like to win the Synergy Organic gift card.

  7. Posted by Christy Caldwell

    I’d love the Pebbles fair trade prize. So darn cute. Thanks bunches

  8. Posted by Ashley

    The shoes or the kids bundle!!

  9. Posted by Jenn H

    oh the kidco tent, boppy or synergy card would be awesome!!

  10. Posted by jeanette sheets

    preggars by therafit

  11. Posted by Ellen Watkins

    I absolutely love Baggallini and really hope I can win that awesome bag. The Synergy gift card also rocks!

  12. Posted by sandra

    i like the chrono bomb

  13. Posted by Amy Heffernan

    I would love to win the skateboard. TY!

  14. Posted by Nikki B

    Soft Science shoes!!

  15. Posted by Julie Matek

    I would love the kupp 4pk:)

  16. Posted by Crystal H.

    Every day has something awesome. I cant decide if I am more excited for the Preggers Therafirm pants, the soft shoes, the stuffies from Pebnle or the Milkies pack. I do really love Milkies though…

  17. Posted by Michelle Sutcliffe

    Kid Toys Bundle

  18. Posted by Debbie Garrett

    I love them all but I will pick the Kids toy Bundle

  19. Posted by Jennifer Phillips

    I would love any of these prizes especially the toy bundle…. fingers crossed

  20. Posted by Dorothy Boucher

    I am really hoping to win the day 12 Kids toy bundle, sure would be a big help for me this Holiday Season..

  21. Posted by BreeAnn

    I’d like to win the EquiptBaby Bassinet or the KidCo Travel Pod… but I really want the Owlet!

  22. Posted by BreeAnn

    The pinterest link for KidCo is wrong. It should be

  23. Posted by Elsa Beckford


  24. Posted by Mayla M

    All the prizes are awesome! I’d love to win the Pebble’s fair trade, handmade toys for my daughter. Thank you!

  25. Posted by Cassandra Eastman

    I would love to win the Kupp giveaway, Kids Toy Bundle, Little Kids Toy Bundle, Owlet monitor or Pebble prizes!

  26. Posted by Bailey Dexter

    Wow. so ,any great products! We just found out my daughter is expecting a girl! Any of the baby products would be perfect! I have a few grand-kids so even any of the toys or book would be great for Christmas!

  27. Posted by Adrien Beatty

    I would really love to win the kids toy bundle!

  28. Posted by Talin ishkhanian

    We would love to win the Day 12 kids toys bundle! awesome giveaway! Thank you!

  29. Posted by Lisa Williams

    For my active little boy I would have to choose the skateboard,I see a little dare devil in my future!lol!

  30. Posted by Whitney

    Soft science shoes look really neat!

  31. Posted by nicole deardorf

    I would love to win the Senseez Fuzzy Dino Vibrating Pillow for my special little man with sensory issues. This would be wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  32. Posted by Sandy Couzens

    I would LOVE to win the Custom Skateboard for Kids for my grandson. He would LOVE this !! Wow this is a fantastic giveaway !! There is something for everyone in my family <3 THANK YOU sooo much :)

  33. Posted by Cassie

    I’d love the senseless vibrations pillow. I think my autistic nephew would love it.

  34. Posted by Wayne Couzens

    I would love to win the Skate XS Custom Skateboard for Kids. My grandson would love that.

  35. Posted by ashley w

    Wow what a great giveaway. I would love the sports arm band, kids twin sheets, the skateboard, and the orange mudd product for the days at the beach.

  36. Posted by Noelle Cagle

    I would love to win the Baggilini travel bag.

  37. Posted by Staci A

    We’d love to win any of them, but the Kids Toys Bundle, Senseez Fuzzy Dino Vibrating Pillow, or SkateXS would be amazing!

  38. Posted by Jennifer

    I would love to win any of these great prizes!

  39. Posted by Nicole Sender

    I’d love to win the day 12 Kids Toy Bundle for my grandkids!

  40. Posted by Leanna

    I’d love the Millie’s gift basket

  41. Posted by sarah buki

    I hope to win the skateboard, or the maternity leggings or the milkies gift basket

  42. Posted by Karla Sceviour

    I would like the soft science shoes.

  43. Posted by Sarah L

    I like the handbag, soft shoes and comfy clothes.
    Thanks for the contest.

  44. Posted by Megan Zuchowski

    I am most excited about the baggalini giveaway

  45. Posted by Edmond

    Re: luv the spot trace, my pad touch. Divne. . Wow, prize pack is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :) Pick me, pick me!

  46. Posted by Ariana R

    I would live to win the Olie teething necklace and bracelet. I hope and wish…

  47. Posted by Lisa G

    I’d like to win the pebbles toys or fairhaven bundle

  48. Posted by Emmalene

    The fair trade toys are so cute!

  49. Posted by McKenzie

    Your blog was so fun for me to read! keep it up :)

  50. Posted by Amy

    So many great prizes! I’d love the little kid toy bundle.

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  52. Posted by Chris Stockford

    Any prize would be wonderful!

  53. Posted by Valerie W

    I’d love the Spot Tracker!!! I have severe allergies and i’d love to have the spot for any unexpected issues that may arise when i’m out of cell range.

  54. Posted by Dominique

    There are so many! The Synergy organic clothing gift card would be great! The Minkey for my daughter would be adorable! I love the Kupp idea! Goodness, I love it all!

  55. Posted by BonnieY

    There are several I’d love to have! Thank you!

  56. Posted by Dawn

    Awesome stuff!!!

  57. Posted by Amanda Baker

    All of the prizes are amazing, but if I had my choice I’d pick the Kid’s Bundle or the Little Kid’s Bundle for my daughter!!

  58. Posted by Amanda Morris

    All of the prizes sound awesome would love to win any of it if I cant use it im sure my sister whose about to have a baby can !:)

  59. Posted by Laurel

    They are all great! I think I would love the Kid’s Toy Bundle most. What a great donation it would make to Toys for Tots!!!

  60. Posted by MANDA

    The milkies.

  61. Posted by Viv Sluys

    Wow, so many amazing prizes!! I think I would most like to win the Preggers by Therafirm fashionable compression legwear and support garments since they are on my ‘to buy’ list anyway.

  62. Posted by Jeanette Jackson

    I would like the Kids Toy Bundle for my grandsons

  63. Posted by WIL C

    I would love the Spot Tracker. I do a lot of AT section hiking and backpacking on other trails and it would great to have.

  64. Posted by Maritza

    Wow! They are all great prizes. I would to win the EquiptBaby Bassinet for my baby who is due early next year.

  65. Posted by Ashley Murray

    The bag!

  66. Posted by Wendy jabkowski

    All the prizes are great, but I have used the Minkey from Olie before and it is a really cool product, I love it!

  67. Posted by Shaylin S.

    I would like to win the Kidco Travelpod!

  68. Posted by Breanne

    Between being pregnant, having a toddler, and myself I almost can’t decide. The shoes, the bassinet, and the breastfeeding bundle all sound fabulous.

  69. Posted by Erica Beaver

    Day 12 Toys Bundle looks like my kids would love to rock.

  70. Posted by Kaye Newman

    I would love to win the Armpocket Mega i-40.

  71. Posted by Kim Kihega

    I would love to win the Patch Products Game Bundle for the kids.

  72. Posted by Linda Kish

    I think the one I would like the most is the Owlet Baby Monitor. (Practical me, always the nurse.)

  73. Posted by Jessica Miller

    I would like the synergy clothing or the Little Ashkim Character Hooded Turkish Towel and Mitten Set

  74. Posted by Sindy Murray

    I like the Kuviez Stay-On Neat Sheets but any prize will be great!

  75. Posted by ioana c.

    I would love to win the SkateXS Beginner Complete Custom Skateboard for Kids , my daughter has been asking for a skateboard and this one is so cute! She would love it!

  76. Posted by Maddy

    I would love the Nookums Paci-Plushies Gift Set for my 2nd daughter who will arrive at the end of Feb.!

  77. Posted by Michelle H

    Such cute gift ideas! My first choice would probably be the Baggelini giveaway, but any of the kid’s items would be a huge help for Christmas. Thanks for such a great gift guide.

  78. Posted by Elizabeth Newsome

    So many great things – I like the Synergy Organic Clothing $50 Gift Card !

  79. Posted by Cindy o

    What a fun giveaway! Thank you for the chance!

  80. Posted by Stacie S-H

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would want to win the Owlet or the Mace Bands but all look fantastic

  81. Posted by Debbie Petch

    I would like to win the BagGalina hand bag,

  82. Posted by Esther Swartz

    My kids would love the Little Kids Toy Bundle

  83. Posted by april

    I would love to win the skateboard for my son or the Synergy gift card for myself.

  84. Posted by Stacey Roberson

    So many great prizes. I’m hoping to win the EquiptBaby Bassinet, as we’re expecting on March.

  85. Posted by deanna

    I am most excited about the myPad Touch and skateboard prizes.

  86. Posted by Robyn Bellefleur

    I am hoping for the bassinet.

  87. Posted by Pam H.

    The Kids Toys Bundle.

  88. Posted by Linda Kwolek

    I would love to win the Soft Science Shoes as I’m on my feet all day at work.

  89. Posted by Susan P.

    I’d love to win the baggallini handbag or travel bag or the Soft Science shoes.

  90. Posted by Susan P.

    The link for the KidCo Pinterest is not correct.

  91. Posted by Susan P.

    The Link for the SenSeez Instagram is not correct.

  92. Posted by Jonnie

    All the prizes are amazing but i think my favorite may be the Soft Science shoes

  93. Posted by Crystal Wall

    The Synergy Clothing looks like something I would wear. Thanks for sharing!

  94. Posted by Ashley B.

    WOW! What an awesome list!! I’m really digging the Kuviez Stay-On Neat Sheets for the transition to a big girl bed for my daughter!!! I bet she would love to pick out the sheets :)

  95. Posted by Allison

    Owlet, Kupp, Milkies, the truck ..

  96. Posted by Ashli Nudd

    I would LOVE the Spot Tracker!! The NPS uses them up in Alaska and ever since I worked up there, I’ve been wanting to get one. They are amazing!!

  97. Posted by Darlene Owen

    I love the Soft Science Shoes

  98. Posted by phxbne

    Baggallini Handbag or travel bag valued at $98

  99. Posted by audrey Griffis

    i love eth soft science shoes and the handbag :)

  100. Posted by Kaylin Bruce

    I hope to win the Baggallini handbag.

  101. Posted by Jesi

    This mama could use a new Baggalini bag..but everything is awesome!

  102. Posted by Heather LaRue

    I would love to win the stay on neat sheets!

  103. Posted by Karen Ung (@playoutsidegal)

    I would love the SPOT Trace of Soft Science shoes!

  104. Posted by Del K.

    Baggalini hand bag

  105. Posted by Claudia

    the stay on neat sheet set looks cool! My kids would be thrilled!

  106. Posted by Jessica

    The Kids Toys look perfect for my family!

  107. Posted by Cassidy

    The armpocket!

  108. Posted by Sadie B.

    I would like to win the Baggallini Handbag .

  109. Posted by Lauryn R

    I am the most excited about the My Pad Touch! I would love to get one for my daughter.

  110. Posted by Karen A.

    Lots of terrific items but my favorite is the kid’s toy bundle.

  111. Posted by Nicole Lancaster

    I hope to win the SkateXS Beginner Complete Custom Skateboard for Kids. My daughters have been asking for Skateboards this year. I think these are cool looking.

  112. Posted by Miranda Sherman

    All of them are fantastic choices but I am most excited about the Baggallini: Handbag or travel bag valued at $98

  113. Posted by Wendy Jensen

    I am hoping for the Kuviez Stay-On Neat Sheets

  114. Posted by Lydia M

    These are ALL such amazing prizes! I especially love the Minky set, the SPOT device, and the toy bundles!

  115. Posted by linda w.

    I like the shoes or the handbag.

  116. Posted by Diane Cooper

    I would love most of all to win the Soft Science Shoes.

  117. Posted by Brenda Lacourciere

    I’m excited for the Stay On Neat Sheets.

  118. Posted by Kalani

    I’d like to get the Minkey gift set!

  119. Posted by Charles-Linda Bradshaw

    Wow! What great items. I would love to have the Baggallini Handbag or travel bag. I need one of those.

  120. Posted by bunny butt

    im hoping for the skateboard

  121. Posted by Mary parton

    I’ll like the big tote

  122. Posted by ewhatley

    I love Baggalini bags so I look forward to winning this one.

  123. Posted by Ada Miller

    I would love to win the spot trade or vibrating pillow. Really all of them are great gifts and something I could share with a friend or family member. Thanks for the opportunity!

  124. Posted by Melissa C.

    The custom skateboard would be amazing. My kids would go nutso!

  125. Posted by Andrea Taivalkoski

    The mypad would be awesome!

  126. Posted by Martha

    The Baggallini handbag.

  127. Posted by Laura Royal

    I hope to win the synergy organic clothing gift card.

  128. Posted by Diane Richards

    Everything is awesome, but I would love item for DAY 24: Orange Mudd Transition And Seat Wrap. I had to get a new car because my old one was just becoming a money pit, needing expensive repairs every couple of months. The Transition and Seat Wrap looks perfect to help keep my car seat clean after a day of outdoor adventure!

  129. Posted by Melissa C

    I’d be interested in the mypad touch

  130. Posted by Kerri Higgs

    Synergy Organic Clothing

  131. Posted by Tomi C

    The Boppy Luxe giveaway. Fingers crossed.

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  133. Posted by Suze

    I like the Kupp, but that unicorn skateboard! All the heart eyes!

  134. Posted by Elizabeth m

    The kids skateboard or the synergy clothing would be amazing!

  135. Posted by kim phan

    This is fun! thanks for sharing!

  136. Posted by Chelsey L.

    I would love to win the SoftScience shoes!

  137. Posted by Darlene Cruz

    Kids toy bundle looks awesome

  138. Posted by Helen L


  139. Posted by Tara

    I’m hoping to win one of the toy bundles, the Boppy Luxe Pillow, or the breastfeeding essentials!

  140. Posted by michelle hebert

    i would love to win a skateboard or the mypad touch

  141. Posted by Aubree Brown

    All these look great I’d be happy to win any of them! Thank you:)

  142. Posted by Yona Williams

    I like the Kids Toy Bundle the most – what a lot of nice prizes!

  143. Posted by Lars

    The SPOT trace would be great since I’m planning some longer backpacking trips this year.

  144. Posted by Carrie H.

    Love those Soft Science shoes! Seems like I am constantly buying shoes lately

  145. Posted by Samantha M

    There’s a lot of great prizes and I would be happy with any of them. I love the Yummy mitt, the Boppy, the Minkey pack, a Baggalini bag, and of course the Kidco travelpod. But, really, there’s too many to name.

  146. Posted by Rachel

    I would love to win the Pebble’s fair trade toys!

  147. Posted by ashley alderink

    i would like any of them.

  148. Posted by Ashley Warden

    I would love to win the Owlet monitor!!

  149. Posted by Sarah

    I would love the soft science shoes or the organic clothes the prizes are all wonderful.

  150. Posted by Angela

    I’d like to win the paci plushie gift set

  151. Posted by Aura

    its a toss up between the skatesx skateboard and owlet baby monitor thanks for the giveaways!

  152. Posted by Julie Lundstrom

    I would like to win many of these items but the MyPad Touch would be wonderful for my son.

  153. Posted by Serena

    The Owlet monitor would be my dream or the Pebble toys.

  154. Posted by Krista M

    I’d love to with the synergy gift card

  155. Posted by Jessica M walker

    Would love to win the DAY 12: Kids Toys Bundle

  156. Posted by Liz Ticona

    Would love the little kid you bundle for my toddler son so he can have a few presents this Christmas ;)

  157. Posted by Keri

    So many awesome things in this giveaway! Thanks!

  158. Posted by Jill H

    So many nice prizes, I would like the soft science shoes but if I win something I cannot use I will gift it to someone who can. Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  159. Posted by Wendy

    I would love to win the Owlet Baby Monitor for my daughter. Thank you for the opportunity & this amazing giveaway.

  160. Posted by Sue

    I would love to win the Owlet monitor for my nephew!

  161. Posted by Kimberly Ruatta

    The Owlet Baby Monitor would be awesome!!

  162. Posted by brittany

    i would absolutely love to win the owlet monitor! as a nurse and nicu mom, this would be an amazing gift to get!

  163. Posted by Lynette Anderson

    I would love to win Any of these wonderful prizes!!!

  164. Posted by Allyson

    I would LOVE the Owlet monitor! I have a six month old and I know it’s time to work on transitioning her into her own room, but I’m a nervous wreck about it! The Owlet monitor would definitely help with the anxiety!

  165. Posted by Kathy H.

    The owlet or the pebbles dolls would be my favorite prizes to win!!! ????

  166. Posted by Amy Marrin

    I am so excited I found this Blog! Somehow I had never heard of you, until the Owlet posted about the giveaway!! We would be so excited about any of these! I would love to try the Preggers compression pants…. And I’m breastfeeding so the Milkies bag, any of the kid bundles… Really, any of the prizes!!

  167. Posted by Amber Tubbs

    I would like to win the bonus owlet monitor!

  168. Posted by Carrie m

    The owlet would be amazing for my preemie!

  169. Posted by stacey grantham

    The Baggalini bag would be great for me, or the kid’s skateboard for my young son. So many cute things!

  170. Posted by Gina Hiskes

    We could really really use the Kidco Travelpod for baby #5! Fingers crossed!

  171. Posted by Jamie Barkdull

    Would love to win the owl let baby monitor. Wow any mamas dream. Mine anyway. ? keeping my fingers crossed over here. Xoxo

  172. Posted by Anna Tetreault

    I would love to win the Owlet to help with my new mom anxieties:)

  173. Posted by Erin Black

    I would love day 12! But also, 14, 23 and 26 look awesome

  174. Posted by Jess

    I would love any of this stuff, good items!

  175. Posted by Sarah B

    Would love the Orange Mudd Transition And Seat Wrap or the Travelpod!!

  176. Posted by Kim A

    Awesome giveaway!

  177. Posted by Elizabeth

    I’m having twins in May so winning anything would be awesome!

  178. Posted by Sally Wilsey

    I would like to win the Kids Toy Bundle for my Granddaughter and Nephews.

  179. Posted by Kiery W

    I’d love to win the Essentials set from Milkies! I just wish the Owlet worked with Android!

  180. Posted by sarita martinez

    Day 13 or day 15 would be amazing to win!

  181. Posted by sheri anderson

    All of this is so awesome but would love the DAY 16: Synergy Organic Clothing $50 Gift Card and the Little Kid Toy Bundle the most, thanks!

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  183. Posted by Dawn Monroe

    I’d like to win the custom skateboard or the Baggalinni bag.

  184. Posted by Carly D.

    I would love the EquiptBaby Bassinet! I have a baby on the way so anything baby related is wonderful!

  185. Posted by Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    Wow! There are so many awesome things here! I would really like the Kids Toy Bundle (Day 12). My nephews would love those items.

  186. Posted by Crystal Gomez

    I would like the bassinet the most! I’m currently pregnant, and I have a six year old son, so really ALL of the gifts would be nice to have!

  187. Posted by DebP

    The Pebbles fair trade toys are adorable. Love to win.

  188. Posted by lissa crane

    They’re all awesome and I would be happy to win any of them, but I would definitely be most excited to win the Baggallini Handbag! It’s so big and beautiful, it would be perfect for me!

  189. Posted by Heidi Daily

    I would most love to win the Owlet, I think it is such a wonderful product. My sister-in-law is expecting her second child, after losing her first when she was almost full term. I would love to give her the Owlet to help give her piece of mind once the baby arrives.

  190. Posted by susan smoaks

    i would love the owelet baby monitor, it looks fantastic.

  191. Posted by brittany marie thompson


  192. Posted by Liza Vladyka

    day 12

  193. Posted by kaylee

    I would love the organic clothing :)

  194. Posted by Andrina Goetz

    I like the kids toy bundle.

  195. Posted by Melinda Stephens

    I’m hoping for the SmartKnitKIDS prize. Their stuff is perfect for my son with Autism.

  196. Posted by Terri Irvin

    Kids Toy Bundle will be nice.

  197. Posted by terra phipps

    the kids toy bundle is what i would want to win.
    i am not picky everything is wonderful looking i have 2 toddlers and a new born niece plus 2 teen step kids so if i get any of this it would be useful and go to one of them =]

  198. Posted by Steven weber

    I really want to win the owlet monitor!!

  199. Posted by Will G

    I would love to win the Kidco Travelpod.

  200. Posted by TallulahJane

    I would love to win the Psi bands or Synergy Organic Clothing $50 credit.

  201. Posted by allyson tice

    boppy luxe pillow!!!

  202. Posted by Amanda Whitley

    i like the little kid toy bundle

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