Bra Giveaway Title Nine

Bra Fitting + Bra Giveaway

This is my favorite Bra Giveaway because really, don’t we all need the right bra to hold the girls in? They deserve to be happy and so do you!

I recently went in for a bra fitting and I found my new BRAvangelists at my local Title Nine store (Katie and Falon). They were my advocates and they were funny, friendly, and totally down to earth.

Title 9 has some of the best bras on the market – designed by women for women.

To enter this giveaway all you need to do is one of the three options (but if you enter all three your chances are higher to win):  Bravangelist

* Try the Title Nine Bra Genie and post below in blog comments which bra you want, based on your Bra Genie results
* Sign up for Title Nine email newsletter
* Follow Title Nine on one of its social channels 

Good luck and make sure to check out Title Nine’s great Fall lineup.

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What does your Bra Genie say? Tell us below and be entered to win a Title Nine Bra.

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74 thoughts on “Bra Giveaway Title Nine

  1. I am desperate for a new running bra! After nursing 5 babies I can’t find a bra that provides me with enough support. I would love to try the 7 Wonders Bra or the Tech Athena Bra.

  2. The 7 Wonders bra! I too have nursed 5 babies and am currently nursing twins! I need A LOT of support running!

  3. Based on the results- I should get the 7 Wonders Bra. That bra looks a million times more comfortable and supportive compared to what I’m wearing now.

  4. I like the Beauty and the Brains bra! Bra genie said the 7 wonders bra!

  5. I really love the Peerless Plunge style. I like that it’s wireless and smooth.

  6. My favorite bra out of the selection from the quiz is the 7 wonders bra print. It looks like I would get some great support from this bra.

  7. The Genie picked the Peerless Plunge Bra for me.
    Thanks for the contest.

  8. Based on my results, the Soothe Underwire is recommended for me!

  9. The Last Resort Bra is best for me!! That sounds really sad but it is all good!!

  10. I like the Beauty & the Brains Bra, since it is a “work to workout” bra. And the Dark Days nursing bra (even though I REALLY hate the name, what are they implying?) because it is the least ugly nursing bra I have ever seen.

  11. well it came up with Booby Trap
    Price $54.00 –this was a great idea ==thanks I need a new one badly

  12. The bra genie was pretty much on point! Barely Bra was on my list and I would have chosen that too! im impressed!

  13. The bra genie has me figured out and gave me the Abra-cada-BRA. They have a front zip one which I know I would love.

  14. My Bra Genie said that I have too many filters on and to turn some off to find my perfect bra and then gave me some in my size…so I guess I’ll pick the 7 Wonders one!

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