National Geographic Channel on Roku

National Geographic Channel on Roku

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The National Geographic Kids Channel is one of our most favorite channels because of the great program they offer. When watching a show on National Geographic, we know that it’s educational and a good choice for us to watch as a family.


This weekend we watched a really cool show on optical illusions and our 6 year old was entranced.

Roku Streaming Stick Giveaway

We were able to review the Roku streaming stick and tested it out watching the National Geographic Channel. It’s super slick and easy to use. The set up is easy and effortless.

The National Geographic Kids Roku channel offers over a dozen free full-length children’s videos, which currently include the cartoons “Toot’s Arctic Adventure” and “When Iggy Met Jiggers/ One Fine Day”, and videos on hockey skates and beetles.

A monthly or annual subscription will give you access to the full video library, with hundreds of videos in the following series:

  • Amazing Animals
  • Are We There Yet?
  • Iggy Arbuckle
  • Making Stuff
  • Mama Mirabell’s Home Movies
  • Toot & Puddle

As a National Geographic Kids Insider, we are able to offer this Giveaway!


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There are 36 Comments

  1. Posted by Saver Sara

    We like Toot & Puddle

  2. Posted by Claire

    My favorite NG kids show is “Impact”!

  3. Posted by Leigh Anne Borders

    My kids love to watch Are We There Yet?

  4. Posted by Sarah

    Toot & Puddle!

  5. Posted by Madalyn Haire

    Amazing Animals

  6. Posted by christy colln

    my son is 7 but would rather watch a real national geographic show lol and I have another on the way that I am sure will love Toot and Puddle

  7. Posted by June Lisle

    I haven’t see any National Geographic Kids shows before. I think I might enjoy animal related shows like Amazing Animals though.

  8. Posted by Nicole Sender

    Really Wild Animals is great!

  9. Posted by Jessica B

    We don’t currently have cable – but we love animal shows.

  10. Posted by Mary Happymommy

    I like Amazing Animals.

  11. Posted by Pat

    My favorite show is Absolute Genius!

  12. Posted by kara kjellman

    We like to watch the regular N.G. shows together as a family.

  13. Posted by Maggie Smith

    Really Wild Animals Show!!

  14. Posted by amber krueger

    Great blog! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  15. Posted by amber krueger

    Favorite National Geographic kids show is “Impact”

  16. Posted by Kimberly

    My kids have never watched National Geographic Kids…we’d love to start!!

  17. Posted by Mary Beth Elderton

    We love the Amazing Animals–really all the animal shows.

  18. Posted by Donna Cheatle

    My kids are grown but my hubby watches Amazing Animals!

  19. Posted by Lacey Burd

    We don’t have that channel, but I know my daughter would really enjoy Making Stuff!

  20. Posted by Julie

    my daughter loves Toot and Puddle….

  21. Posted by Lee mckeon

    My grandsons love alaska state troopers

  22. Posted by Jocelyn

    I’ve never watched one!

  23. Posted by Trish R

    We don’t have cable but love nature shows — so probably all of them!!

  24. Posted by Holly Storm-Burge

    I would have to say Amazing Animals. The kids love learning about animals!

  25. Posted by allison Lesley

    We have always enjoyed Toot and Puddle.

  26. Posted by trish


  27. Posted by Jeni Mitchell

    My nieces and I love to watch Awesome Animals on NatGeo Kids.

  28. Posted by Missy Schutz

    Amazing Animals is awesome. Love National Geographic.

  29. Posted by allyson tice

    My kids favorite show is Junior Vets!!!

  30. Posted by KELLY MCGREW

    i have never seen any!

  31. Posted by Birdiebee

    We don’t have cable so our tv watching has been limited. My granddaughter likes anything with science or animals.

  32. Posted by stacy d.

    i really haven’t seen any but i’m willing to see what they have!!!

  33. Posted by Jessica W

    I’ve honestly never watched any of the kids shows, but I bet my son would love amazing animals!

  34. Posted by Sarah Marie Galle

    I don’t currently get the National Geographic channel, but I love the idea of incorporating more science and nature into my kids day. Thanks for a great offer!

  35. Posted by Missy

    I dont have one.

  36. Posted by jodi

    we like anything with animals

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