Coghlan’s Bug Eye Headlamp for Kids

On our latest camping trip we had the opportunity to try out the Coghlans Bug-Eye Headlamp for Kids. My son was beyond excited to finally have a own headlight. Does it show in his picture?

The Coghlans Bug Eye Headlight for Kids Review

Coghlans-bug-eye-headlight Pros

  • Good size – My son is 4 and a half (the headlight is technically for ages 6 and up) and the headlight stayed on his head. Although in all honesty, my son is tall for his age.
  • Tilts – You can adjust the light to tilt at whatever angle you need.
  • Price – It is a very affordable option for a headlight. Plus, when it gets broken you don’t feel so bad.
  • Durability – We have not had the light for long and we have only used it on one camping trip, so I cannot say how many years it will last. But I did allow my son to keep it in his room for a week and do whatever he wanted. It survived. I was impressed.


  • Brightness – We wish the light was a little brighter. It didn’t really give off enough light for my son to be completely confident walking or playing.

Overall, I would recommend this product for new, first-time or frugal campers. We look forward to my son having his own headlight for our future camping trips.

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