We are pleased to announce Adventure Mom’s founder, Kathy Dalton, has been selected as a FitFluential  Ambassador.

With a lifelong vision for health and happiness, Kathy is pleased to be a spokesperson for health and living a healthy lifestyle.


As an ambassador, Kathy will be able to provide insider information to the Adventure Mom community.  FItFluential Blogger Pictures Go Adventure Mom

Kathy will document her journey as an ambassador and share her experience of health and fitness after having baby number three.

“You won’t see me a ripped muscle maven, but you will see me running after my kids and playing at the park. Fitness is all about balance and finding what works for you” said Kathy.

“Throughout my pregnancy she I gained 45 pounds and has another 20 to lose to be healthy. Being on 10 weeks of bed rest and not being able to work out (or even go for a walk) was hard on my body and muscles. I look forward to building up muscles and having more energy.”

But being fit to Kathy isn’t just about losing baby weight. It’s about having a healthy mind set and feeling good herself.

Due to some post-pardum labor complications, it has been harder for her to work out at the gym and is looking to work with a nutritionalist to balance the gym work out and healthy eating.


FItFluential Blogger Pictures Go Adventure Mom2

First day back at the gym!

FItFluential Blogger Pictures Go Adventure Mom3

Love babywearing! The best way to snuggle while playing with the older two kids.

FItFluential Blogger Pictures Go Adventure Mom4

Blurry picture, but holding myself accountable.

FItFluential Blogger Pictures Go Adventure Mom5

Snuggled in the baby carrier enjoying some nice weather.


FitFluential is a nationwide network of highly influential fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey both online and offline through multiple social media platforms. Founded in April of 2011 by Kelly Olexa, FitFluential was designed to connect health and wellness brands with their ideal target market through customized, long-term experiential and contextual marketing campaigns.


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Adventure Mom’s founder is enjoying a whole new venture with baby number three! As a former ski instructor, Kathy has taken her love for outdoor recreation and through the power of social media has created a platform to share her passion with the world.

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