Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure Salt Lake City I have twin 5 year old girls and so it escapes me why we have never been to Disney on Ice?

My girls have seen the billboards, heard the commercials and have asked me to take them.  It just never registered in my mind to actually take them. Disney on IcePassport to Adventure

We’ve been to Disneyland twice as a family and know everything Disney does is magical. So when we got the opportunity to go via free ticket in exchange for this post,  I decided the girls and I would have a BIG night out.  They even got to bring along a few friends.
No big night is complete with out dinner before the event.  At dinner, the girls could barely hold in their excitement! They told me they were excited to see the characters “dance on the ice and to see Ariel and have a good time.”  It’s funny to hear what is going on inside their little brains.
The performance was completely intoxicating for both the girls and boys in the audience.It was focused more on adventure, romance and fun rather than princesses.  They opened the show with with Mickey and friends GRAND entrance. They came out with a mission to explore the world in search of action! Fun Activities for Families in Salt Lake

 They started off with music and dances from The Lion King, then they traveled under the sea with the Little Mermaid. The third scene showcased Lilo and Stitch and the final scene was an EXCITING finale with Peter Pan, Wendy and of course Tinkerbell and her pixie dust.

We loved our exciting night out and I know that my girls will remember it for a long time.  If we were to go again, there’s just a few things I do differently.  I’ll share my tips with you!

Two Tips to Getting the Most From Your Disney On Ice experience

1. Dress Up
As we entered the arena, I thought I was doing a pretty good job as a mom. I was at the event (on a school night) with their friends and we had gone out to dinner. I saw many children dressed in Disney costumes, hats, and princess dresses. The girls seemed to look at me as if saying “how come we don’t have on our princess dresses?”  And really….What better way to extend the life of your Disney Halloween costumes?
2. Skip Dinner
I quickly realized we could have skipped going out to dinner and spent our money on souvenirs. The children marveled at the snow cone cups ($12-$15), cotton candy ($12 comes with a hat) and Kettle Corn ($6).
We walked out of the performance with the girls laughing and sharing their thoughts about their favorite parts. All in all it was an entertaining evening.
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