This Friday marks a major milestone. It’s our daughters second birthday.

I shared my pregnancy journey online and even hash tagged the baby as #BabyDaltonSLC and then when we found out it was a girl, started calling her baby girl on the blog and have since.

But here’s the thing.


She’s not a baby anymore.


It’s killing me.


I can’t even think about Friday without getting a little teary eyed.


She’s NOT a baby.


Although she will always be my baby, I can’t call her baby girl anymore. It feels wrong to tweet or write about “baby girl” when she’s really not a baby. What do you call your child when she’s not a baby anymore? Toddler? I have a toddler…but Dalton Toddler doesn’t have the same ring to it as baby girl.

I chose to keep my children’s names private online as much as possible. So, now the question is, what do we call her?

Dalton 2.0?

Female Dalton Age 2?

Little Bee?


Little Miss H?




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