2016 OUTDOOR RETAILER SUMMER SHOW WINNERS The Best Gear of 2016 This past week we attended the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in Salt Lake City and got a sneak peek of new products for the Spring 2017 Season. Over 1,500 exhibitors share their latest and greatest products. While we love getting an insider preview to new products, my favorite part of the Outdoor Retailer Show is connecting with humans in real life, sharing in their passion and learning more about the industry. These are some of our top picks for family friendly outdoor gear that are either Family Friendly, Innovators, Green and Read more
Back to School Backpack Guide No Comments
Back to School Backpack Buying Guide What if the backpack you bought your child this year was just what they needed? What if the backpack lasted more than 6 months? When looking for a backpack this school year, you need to check out these tips. Durability is #1 Sometimes when you think back to school backpacks, you just grab what you can. Not anymore. When you are thinking about the type of backpack you want, think about durability. You want it to last, you don’t want to have to go through this process again in 5 months. Laptop Friendly Did you know that Read more
How to Dress When Outdoors No Comments
How to Dress When Outdoors When heading outdoors for a little play, it can be hard to know what to wear. Do you dress in layers? Do you wear as little as possible? Do you go for comfort or for functionality? Many of you know that it’s important to keep all of these things in mind when figuring out how to dress when outdoors. Check out some of my tips!   Go lightweight - Unless you’re hiking in the middle of Antarctica, there is no reason to dress in super heavy clothes. When hiking, biking, or just enjoying time outdoors, go with Read more
Tips for Hiking the Wilderness No Comments
Tips for Hiking the Wilderness Now that you have your mind set on hiking the wilderness to earn one of the pins (or all of the pins), you’ll want to make sure you follow these tips. Safety is always first. No matter who you are or where you’re going, safety is always first. Make sure you have the proper hiking gear on. Also, a charged cell phone is a good thing to have whenever you’re hiking in the wilderness, you never know when an accident could happen. Respect all wildlife and nature. Before you head out on a hike, you must keep in mind the Read more
Earn a Wilderness Pin from the USDA No Comments
Earn a Unique Wilderness Pin from the USDA Looking for a fun way to get our kids outdoors (that doesn't involve Pokemon Go)? We've found a a fun way for kids to get rewarded for enjoying our trails. Utah is a great place for exploring. There are so many great trails that are family friendly hikes. There aren’t many things that kids can do for free anymore that helps them feel pride for what they did. I’m so excited to introduce you to how they can earn a unique wilderness pin. When you visit any of the following 9 wildernesses in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache Read more
Tips for Bird Watching with Kids No Comments
Tips for Bird Watching with Kids Have you ever considered going bird watching? While this isn’t an activity everyone does in their free time, it is something you should consider doing. What’s even more fun is when you take your children bird watching with you. Check out these tips for bird watching with your children. #1. Start by looking out the window Children can begin bird watching by looking out the backdoor. You can start pointing out various birds to them. Put feeders and a birdbath outdoors for your children to watch the birds. Watching through the window allows your child to watch, without scaring the birds. #2. Start Read more
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There is always one thing my kids ask me to do with them. Even if it’s at an inconvenient time, I still make an effort to fulfil their wishes. Are you wondering what they one thing is? My kids are always asking me to cuddle with them! Here is why snuggling is good for the soul. Snuggling Melts Away Stress There is something that you should know about cuddling, it completely melts away stress. If I’m feeling stressed and one of my kids asks me to snuggle them, you better believe that I’m going to oblige. My younger ones love to cuddle Read more
Leave No Trace For most people--- it’s a no brainer to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. Simple things come to mind like picking up trash, not messing with wildlife, and leaving things as you found them. However, some people really don’t know how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. I’m here to share some tips about Leave No Trace with you to help make this possible! Respect Wildlife As much as this is preached in the world, it’s amazing how many people still mess with wildlife. To put it in nice terms, leave wildlife alone. Don’t mess with it! It’s really that simple. It Read more
Buzz Away Extreme 1 Comment
Buzz Away Extreme Imagine a product that could change the way you do things outdoors. If your family is anything like ours, we spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s amazing, but it does come with some consequences. Introducing Buzz Away Extreme. This is a really cool product that allows your family to have an eco-positive experience while outdoors. Here’s why you’ll see my family using the products! DEET Free- One thing to be excited about with Buzz Away is that it is DEET Free! Although DEET is a common ingredient found in bug repellant, it’s not always the safest. Which Read more
Pokemon Go Nature Walk No Comments
Pokemon Go Nature Walk: Making Digital And Real Life Discoveries Together Getting out and about in Nature is a wonderful added bonus attracting thousands of people today with the popularity of the new Pokemon Go app by Niantic. Depending on the location you live in, or where you decide to hike/bike to for your Pokemon Go adventure, there are literally no limits to the types of real life observations and experiences you can encounter about animals, plants, flowers, trees, bodies of water, or other items you can stumble upon with the, “Nature all around us”, as you enjoy adventuring in Pokemon Read more
Top 10 National Parks By Visitors No Comments
Top 10 National Parks By Visitors My family loves traveling to National Parks. Although we are blessed with a lot of National Parks in Utah, you may feel as though you don’t have as many opportunities where you live. I have an awesome list of the 10 Most Visited US National Parks in 2015. Maybe one of these National Parks will get you excited to do a little exploring this year. Check out the top 10 below! The Great Smoky Mountains - 10,712,674 visitors in 2015 Grand Canyon National Park - 5,520,736 visitors Rocky Mountain National Park - 4,155,916 visitors Yosemite National Park - 4,150,217 Read more
As a parent, you probably take a “million” pictures a day of your children. You take pictures of their daily lives, of vacations, and of special events. Isn’t it crazy to think that in a blink of an eye all those precious moments could be gone? Computers and devices fail us on a daily basis, which is why it’s important to have proper photography backup. Check out some of the best tools and apps for storing our photos. Apple Cloud If you have any type of Apple product, then it’s important to back your photos into Apple Cloud. This is actually a product Read more
11 Must Read National Park Safety Tips No Comments
Tips for Respecting Our National Parks If your family has yet to visit a National Park, you’re totally missing out. National Parks are one of the most awesome parts of living in the United States. Not only is the endless adventure, there is a ton of sightseeing to enjoy as well. The only problem is that respecting National Parks seems to be a lost art. 11 National Park Safety Tips You Must Follow Respect Wildlife You may have read this recent article I wrote on How to Respect Wildlife. Wildlife is something that humans have already taken enough from. When you see wildlife, it Read more
Burley stroller   It seems just like yesterday that everyone was gearing up for the new year and we were making our new years resolutions. Until I heard the first mention of resolutions I hadn't really given much thought to what mine were going to be for the year and so, I sat down to compile a list of things that I'd be making into my new years resolutions for 2016. Now, almost 7 months into the new year, I'm happy to say that I managed to fashion a list of resolutions that I've been doing quite well at sticking with. Number one Read more
8 Things To Do With Kids in NYC No Comments
8 Fun Things to Do When Visiting NYC with Kids You want to go to New York City. That’s great. You are traveling with your kids. That’s exciting. The problem: there are a lot of times that the things that the adults want to see and do are not the things that are going to keep the kids entertained. That can lead to whiney and cranky kids, which can lead to stressed and unhappy parents. If you are planning a trip with the kids to NYC, think about planning the trip around things that the kids will enjoy. It works as a Read more