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Tips for Respecting Our National Parks If your family has yet to visit a National Park, you’re totally missing out. National Parks are one of the most awesome parts of living in the United States. Not only is the endless adventure, there is a ton of sightseeing to enjoy as well. The only problem is that respecting National Parks seems to be a lost art. 11 National Park Safety Tips You Must Follow Respect Wildlife You may have read this recent article I wrote on How to Respect Wildlife. Wildlife is something that humans have already taken enough from. When you see wildlife, it Read more
Burley stroller   It seems just like yesterday that everyone was gearing up for the new year and we were making our new years resolutions. Until I heard the first mention of resolutions I hadn't really given much thought to what mine were going to be for the year and so, I sat down to compile a list of things that I'd be making into my new years resolutions for 2016. Now, almost 7 months into the new year, I'm happy to say that I managed to fashion a list of resolutions that I've been doing quite well at sticking with. Number one Read more
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8 Fun Things to Do When Visiting NYC with Kids You want to go to New York City. That’s great. You are traveling with your kids. That’s exciting. The problem: there are a lot of times that the things that the adults want to see and do are not the things that are going to keep the kids entertained. That can lead to whiney and cranky kids, which can lead to stressed and unhappy parents. If you are planning a trip with the kids to NYC, think about planning the trip around things that the kids will enjoy. It works as a Read more
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We're happy to Welcome Sierra Trading Post to Salt Lake City, Utah If there is one thing my family loves to do, it is shop together! Shopping makes the world a better place, doesn’t it? What’s even more fun is when you can find a family friendly place to shop together! “Our place” is known as Sierra Trading Place.  Here are some reason my local Salt Lake City friends should shop here: Sierra Trading Post Coupons Yes! You will always find coupons at the Sierra Trading Post, which is exciting. I love saving money in any way I can. We have been able Read more
Utah’s Air Quality It’s no secret that when you walk outside in Utah, you want to be able to breath. Am I right? Feeling stuffed up and like you cannot breathe is never a good thing. It’s time that we all stood together and actually did something about helping with Utah’s Air Quality. Here’s where we can all begin- Stop driving as much Do you really want to help with the air quality in Utah? Stop driving so much! The more you drive, the more you’re polluting our precious state. Walk, take the bus, take the train—do something that doesn’t involved Read more
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I used to have a pretty sharp memory. I could recall specific dates, times, events and almost never forgot anything important. I excelled in all of my history courses in school for this reason alone and used to be pretty proud of myself for my attention to detail. Then I became a mother and my memory suffered. I found myself forgetting important details, where I put things and even, on more than one occasion, tried to put my laundry in the oven to dry. From stories told my friends and relatives I expected my memory to suffer gaps but what Read more
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  Why the Outdoors is Close to My Heart If you follow my blog, you know I’m a nature-freak! I love to be outdoors and doing outdoorsy stuff. While most people keep momentous of their home or family inside of their home, I’m outside wracking up memories with my family. If I could bottle the beauty of the outdoors, I would. Here’s why the outdoors is so close to my heart. The Beauty of the Outdoors Imagine if the outdoors and its beauty were taken away today. You would miss it! Most humans take advantage of the fact that there is beauty outside. Read more
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The Best Cycling Routes in Ireland Over the past decade, Ireland has steadily become obsessed with cycling. Whether you’re old or young, cycling is a pastime that everyone can enjoy. Whether you prefer scenic cycles, guided tours,  short sprints or even a quick urban loop, there are plenty of options throughout Ireland. All over the country, numerous official cycling routes are being established. They vary in difficulty level so there truly is something for every persons’ cycling preference. Ireland’s moderate weather allows cycling enthusiasts to enjoy these routes throughout the year. At present, there is a large network of ‘’National Waymarked Read more
As a well adjusted adult I'm fully able to look back on my childhood and be completely content with the memories I've stored up. My days as a child were filled with enough love and happiness to fill several lifetimes. I had a wonderful family that loved me, friends I could count on and an endless world of possibilities at my disposal. Wishing I could go back and relive my childhood is something I wish for often but sadly, there hasn't been an invention yet that could send us back in time. Otherwise I'd have volunteered to test it out Read more
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Top 3 Colorado Towns To Visit This Summer   Summer is here, and that means it’s time to finally make an attempt at relaxation! For those of us looking for an unexpected, off-the-beaten-path vacay spot, look no further than the great centennial state of Colorado! Normally billed as a place to only go during the winter for skiing, with its incredibly geographically diverse landscape of mountains, lakes, and more, Colorado has an unlimited amount of incredible things to experience this summer.   From Winter Park to Keyah Grande, the travel experts at Natural Retreats have pulled together a comprehensive list of the top 4 Read more
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  Helmet Spex by Liberty Sport -- Bike Safety For Everyone Tis the season for everyone to start riding bicycles. While it’s a great time to be out and about, it’s actually a scary time for cyclists. It’s time to take safety back. Check out these bike safety tips for everyone. Look both ways before crossing. Always look both ways before crossing. Since most cars should look both ways before crossing, so should those who are riding on a bike or. Cars, bike riders and pedestrians can come out of nowhere. Let’s help each other out. Wear proper head gear. You should NEVER leave home Read more
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Family Friendly Movies   After a long day playing outside, we love to snuggle together and watch a movie. It is a nice time for us all to unwind and relax. We usually make a bowl of popcorn and a drink. We have put together a movie list of our all time favorite family movies and a few that are available on Redbox. All-time favorites: Homeward Bound The Wizard of Oz Cars Madagascar National Lampoon's Vacation series Tommy Boy Are We There Yet? Around the World in 80 Days Dumb and Dumber It Happened One Night It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Smokey and the Bandit Available at Redbox: Alvin and the Chipmunks The Road Read more
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July is “National Anti-Boredom Month” and with that in mind, let’s turn off the tablets and tv’s and get back to the great outdoors with the ones we love (and we’ve got just the place to unplug)! Sun Valley, Idaho might be known for it’s famous skiing and snow sports but summer brings a whole new list of outdoor activities to keep the family entertained. From summer ice skating (yes, that’s a thing) to stunning scenic hikes, Sun Valley has something for everyone and the Natural Retreats Xplore team of travel experts has come up with “6 Ways to Beat the Boredom Read more
The Future of Food Tourism You may be turning your neck trying to understand what Food Tourism is. Let me explain what Food Tourism is and how there is a future in it. To many people, it sounds like tourists who are eating while traveling, but this isn’t the case. Food Tourism is so much more! Let me break it down for you. Impact on the Environment Wait, Food Tourism is having an impact on the environment? YES! Food Tourism, when broken down, the definition for this is simply that people travel for the reason of exploring food. Also known as food Read more
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Getting the kids ready for summer camp is about as much fun as snorkeling in the bathtub. But summer means it's time for "The Talk." No, not that talk… Let’s talk about ticks! TOP 5 TICK TIPS Prevention is key.The focus is on preventing the bite in the first place to stop ticks in their tracks. Parents can protect their families from Lyme disease through daily tick checks and the use of tick repellent clothing. Ticks are now in almost every stateand are most active in the warmer months April-September. Each year, over 300,000 people in the US catch Lyme disease, which is caused Read more
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How to Celebrate the New Angry Bird Movie Release It’s hard to believe that the New Angry Bird movie is coming out in just a few short weeks. To say that we are fans around here is an understatement. My family loves this movie so much that we are looking for ways to celebrate. Check out some of these ways we have brainstormed to ring in the new Angry Bird’s Movie. National Geographic Angry Birds This book is adorable and the perfect way to celebrate the new Angry Birds Movie. Have you always wanted to meet real life angry birds? Now you Read more