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How to Create Fantastic Forts As children the sky is the limit when it comes to our imagination. There is nothing we can't become as long as our imaginations are allowed to run wild. When I was a child we didn't have the many television stations, apps, game consoles, etc. that children today have and relied mainly on outside play and our imaginations to get us through our days. Often times the kids in my neighborhood would come together after school or during the weekends and we'd spend countless hours dreaming up new games to keep us busy. Creating Forts is Part of Creative Play One memory that I recall most fondly is the summer my friends and I decided to make a tree fort in the wooded area just beyond my home. We spent the summer gathering any supplies we could and although we never completed the fort, the hours and days that we spent doing our best to work together to build it will always stand out vividly in my mind. For years the half built fort was a fond reminder of the carefree summer we all spent together letting our imaginations run wild. As I continued to grow into my Read more
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How to keep your baby safe from cell phone and laptop radiation When you become parents, whether for the first time or for the last time, it's instinctual that you'd want to protect them. As parents we warn our children of all the dangers that the world holds. We do our very best to protect them against said dangers but sometimes they have to walk on the wild side in order to appreciate our warnings. Then there are the times when the danger is much closer to home and often times undetected by the untrained eye. The danger of radiation poisoning Radiation poisoning is one such danger. For many years now we've heard the words radiation poisoning or radiation sickness but have we ever really stopped to learn what it actually is, other than harmful to us and is to be avoided at all costs? Radiation poisoning is an illness and its symptoms that are a result to overexposure to ionizing radiation. It is a very serious illness and should be treated as such. The solution At Belly Armor their goal is to be a definitive resource for families looking to protect themselves against the harmful effects of everyday radiation. They've made it their priority to Read more
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How to make the most out of summer The other day I was sitting down with my son. We were talking about summertime and how quickly it is approaching. Him and I were talking and we realized that there are only 18 summers in their childhood and 8 of those have already passed by. I literally have 10 more summers with my oldest before he goes off and does whatever he wants with his life. In that short time period, I’ve created a bucket list of things I’d love to do with him and my other children. Time goes SO fast! I hate how fast it goes, but I also want to make the most of it. Camping Trip- One thing I’d like to do with my kids at least every other year is a big camping trip during the summer. I want to go full out camping with them with no distractions. In today’s world, electronics are everywhere, so it’s nice to unplug when we can. Plus, camping is such an awesome experience. It builds character and lots of memories. Trips to the Local Park- Bucket lists don’t have to be long and unobtainable. Something we added to our bucket list was Read more
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  A great family road trip can make an equally great memory for any child that will last throughout his entire life. However, I am always having trouble making the car ride more enjoyable. Sitting too much in the car can be unpleasant for our little ones, but it doesn't have to be. The savvy moms of the blogosphere have come up with some brilliant road trip crafts to help your kids have fun and feel more relaxed while travelling. The range of ideas is impressive, to say the least. Did you know you can make a super small tic-tac-toe game in an Altoids tin? Or that some road trip behavior clips can motivate your children to stop whining or misbehaving between stops? Check out these ideas, and the rest of them too, then let me know which one's your favorite. Make It Love it: Sippy Cup Leash  Altos Tin Project Tic Tac Toe  Stacy Vaughn Kids Activities Blog Travel Memory Game Small Friendly Road Trip Activity Countdown Paper Chain One She Two She How I keep Peace While Traveling With Kids  7. The Wilson World Road Trip Ready Behavior Clips  8. Living Well Mom Crayon Roll Tutorial Plus Paper Pock  9. Pint Sized Treasures DIY Take Along Racetrack 10. Housewife Eclectic Road Read more
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Kids are always excited by the idea of the road trip and while visiting objectives and stopping in interesting places is super fun, the time spent in the car is most definitely not. Us grownups, we enjoy some relaxing moments of silence when everyone is just staring at the road, some small talk or simply listening to some music. Sadly, this does not work for the children but worry not, there are easy ways you can keep them busy (and happy) during long trips. There are so many road trip printables out there, provided by wonderful bloggers (who were also having the universal problem of restless children) it would be a shame not to take some with you on your next trip. Your kids won't have the chance to get bored or become restless. Today's roundup comes with plenty of road trip printables to choose from, games, activities, journal pages...and more! Kids Travel Binder Trip Journal Drawing Prompts iSpy Relaxing Travel Activities Entertaining Printables Travel Journal  Summer Letter Sewing Cards  Billboard ABC Order 11. Aussie Road Trip Games 12. Space Mazes  13. Dry Erase Travel Kit 14. Games and Activities  15. Train Journey Printables 16. Mini Road Map Busy Bag 17. Family Games  18. License Plate Game  19. Reusable Roadtrip Travel  19. Road Trip Travel Games 20. License Plate Dash Travel  21. Line and Dots Game 22. Read more
Hello neigh-bor! Last week I took my 5 year old daughter to see the Odysseo Cavalia show at Southtown in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'd heard about he show and seen a million billboards for it, but was expecting something a little more like a Las Vegas style circus show that was tacky and cheesy. To our pleasant surprise, the show was beautifully choreographed with an impressive stage design and talented performers and I'm not horsing around. This was a very unique experience and loved being so close to the horses and the set. The performance was very impressive and highly recommend the experience to anyone (children under 5 may have a hard time staying awake later. It was an incredible experience and loved every moment of it. We ate dinner at the VIP tent, which I wouldn't recommend for small children, my daughter ended up eating popcorn for dinner. We attended the media night and were able to periscope and Facebook Live the event. Afterwards we were able to visit the stables and see the horses up close. It looks like the horses are well cared for and are kept dry and clean.We loved seeing all the pretty braids on the horses.  It Read more
When I was young… Time flies, doesn’t it? It’s hard to believe that I’m raising my own kids. This past weekend I was able to meet with my long time friend from Denmark. It was so great to see her as a grown woman, married with children of her own. It made me feel so nostalgic. Growing up family travel become part of our DNA because my grandparents were in Denmark. Seeing my friend again, brought back a log of memories from my childhood and started thinking about some of my favorite places to travel as a family and realize these vacations are what make up my childhood.   Annual Visit to the Tetons If you’ve never visited the Tetons, you need to! We used to take an annual trip to the Tetons and I have such fonds memories of my siblings, parents, and I relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Grand Teton National Park is a park in the United States that is located in Wyoming. If there were only a few words to describe this place it would be wonderous, adventurous, and beautiful. A continuing tradition One thing I love about my life now is continuing those outdoors adventures with our kids. Whether it’s to Read more
What you might not know about your auto insurance and bike coverage. By: Torr Leonard at Answer Financial It’s spring time which means great bicycling weather upon us! May is also National Bike Month, which means we’ll be seeing a lot more bike racks out on the road. Have you ever wondered what happens when a bicycle is stolen or damaged while on your car’s bike rack? Do you know if your insurance will cover possessions that are inside (or outside) of your car? Well we have good news, in many cases, a bicycle or bike rack will still be covered, but there are circumstances in which your coverage may vary. Here are five common scenarios with bicycles and bicycle racks and the most important steps to take in each one: Your bike is damaged while it is secured to your vehicle – In most states, a claim can be filed under the personal property provision of one’s own home insurance or renters insurance policy. If the policy includes a provision for replacement cost value (RCV) coverage, the insurer will pay the replacement cost of the bicycle, less any deductible. However, if the policy provides for actual cash value (ACV) coverage, the insurer will only pay Read more
Renting a room out to stranger? Trying to make some cash on the side? Or, are you renting a room from a stranger to save some bucks? Either way, you'd better think it through before you do it. Here's the stuff you need to know (for both renter and reenter). The latest cool thing in hospitality is people renting out their houses, cottages, apartments, condos and even boats. And that's great. But, it's not like you sit back and just rake in the money. First of all, check line 17 on the cherished IRS 1040 form: Rental Real Estate. The government (Federal, state, city and county) are all your partners (isn't that special). And trust me, they are not doing the laundry or fixing that toilet. Then there is the hard part, you are responsible for that space, and if you are not on call 24/7, you need to have someone who is to deal with everything from lost keys to no hot water, from smoke detectors going off to no Wi-Fi. Stuff happens, as they say. All the freaking time. If you're set on listing your apartment, think through a few of these questions: Who is really cleaning the place (and are they washing Read more
This Mother's Day, do something a little different. Instead of a fancy gift, we suggest taking time to sit down with mom and share stories together. Perhaps you didn't know about your Mom's first crush, or her brief stint in marching band....There's a new way to get to know your mom and other loved ones all year around, and it's called StoryWorth.   A great gift idea, StoryWorth makes it easy and fun for you, your mom, or any other family member across generations to write and share stories about their lives, and share them with the people they love most. At the end of the year, StoryWorth can bind the stories you gather from your relatives across generations into a beautiful hardcover book to keep forever.   You’ll strengthen your bonds as you get to know your family members in a whole new way. Here’s how it works:   Each week, StoryWorth sends a story prompt, like “What's the best prank you’ve ever pulled?” or “What's the bravest thing you’ve ever done?” She responds with a story, either by writing back or recording by phone. You get the stories every week. Whenever she’s ready, her stories can be bound into a beautiful hardcover book. There's also a new StoryWorth companion Read more
There is no stronger bond that can be forged than that of a Mother and her child. From the time we're born our earliest memories are of our Mothers. Theirs are the first faces we see, the first voice we hear and from the time we enter this world they're the strongest source of love that we know. Our childhood is spent with our Mama's firmly by our sides, kissing scrapes, preparing meals and guiding us as we grow. From the moment we're placed in their waiting arms, our best interests are the only things they have on their minds and they'll spend every moment from then on doing their best to nurture, love and care for us. Even after our childhood has been left behind our Mother's continue to try and be as involved with our lives as they possibly can. Now, well into my adult years I still have an unshakable bond with my own Mother and we keep in touch as often as is possible. With Mother's Day fast approaching it's never been a better time to try and show my appreciation for everything my Mother has done for me over the years. Words can't even begin to Read more
With 14 mountain ranges, more than three million lakes, nearly 22 million acres of national forest and 20 national parks, preserves and monuments, Alaska is most definitely one of the wildest places on earth. Add in the wildlife, wild seafood and wild adventure and you have the perfect vacation destination for the family that loves to experience nature and the outdoors. One area that is especially known for its untouched wilderness is Denali National Park & Preserve. In the heart of the Alaskan Bush, Denali spans six million acres and is home to a large variety of wildlife, as well as North America’s tallest peak. Denali Park Village, just outside Denali National Park, is the best 'home base' destination for families to experience all things wild. The wildlife at and around Denali Park Village is just one of the many qualities that make the area memorable. Kids will enjoy seeing grizzly bears, caribou, moose and Dall sheep just roaming the wonders of the park. There are also over 150 species of birds including arctic tern, American golden plover, arctic warbler, willow, ptarmigan, and golden eagles that can be spotted in Denali. The wildlife is best seen by taking one of the interpretive land tours, such as Read more
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By Donnie Cranfill, author of “The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa” and founder of Do you remember the first time you caught fireflies? As a child, as soon as the weather warmed up and summer grew near, those first firefly sightings were something I looked forward too. I remember trying to catch as many as I could of those delicate bugs and placing them in a mason jar with small holes poked through the lid. I’d sit and hold that jar mesmerized by the beauty of those yellow blinking lights before releasing them back into freedom. Throughout my childhood, I never outgrew chasing fireflies. Even as a teenager my friends and I would go to Milliken Research Park, a 660 acre scenic campus in Spartanburg, SC, to watch fireflies. It’s a great open space, full of natural beauty – perfect for hanging out with your friends and sitting around talking while fireflies light up the space around you. Decades later, I still love fireflies. That first yellow blink of light each season brings back all those fond memories as a child. I’m not the only one who has great memories catching fireflies. When I was developing the characters for “The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa” story, Read more
National Parks Week No Comments
There's something immensely calming about being outdoors. I've always enjoyed being able to go out with a nice book, lay a blanket down and spend an afternoon soaking up the sunshine. At least, that's what I like to do when the weather is nice. Now that Winter is retreating and Spring is fast approaching in my neck of the woods, spending more time outdoors has become a promising possibility. My family is already busy planning the sorts of outings we'll have now that the weather is warming up and we can actually spend more time outside rather than stuck indoors waiting for the snow to lift. Speaking of spending more time outside, I bet my readers weren't aware that it's National Park Week. Between April 16th and the 24th, there's no better time to pack up the family and make the trip to your closest national park. Did you know that national parks aren't limited to places like Yellowstone or Yosemite? You may think you knew all there is to know about national parks but in truth, they aren't limited to a handful of locations in the US. Yosemite and Yellowstone are only 2 of over 400 parks that are part Read more
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Earth Day is April 22 Mother earth is a beautiful place. Since the beginning of time earth has been home to mankind and its fellow inhabitants. For generations we've lived in harmony with the land but over the generations earth has lost its purity and progress took its toll on the land. Where the earth used to be untouched, now humans have made it their mission to tear down forests, build homes, buildings and hunt down earths animal inhabitants. Ever year the buildings get taller, the trees scarcer and the air thicker with pollution. As human beings, it is our job to put a stop to the desecration of our home and transform our planet into the healthy, clean place that it once was. There are many ways that we can aid in our ailing planet. To ensure that we nurture our home back to health we can take part in the smallest ways that can bring about big benefits to the planet we call home. Once a year 193 countries take part in a day long event with the purpose of helping to restore the earth to its former beauty. For over 46 years people worldwide have been celebrating the movement Read more